Erin and Stratton

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How We Met

Stratton and I met in a class at Utah State University. I had noticed him early on in the semester and soon after a mutual friend introduced us. I definitely noticed how good looking he was, but that wasn’t what first attracted me to him. He was the kind of guy that was always taking girls on dates, and always had girls trying to get his attention. What first sparked my interest was the comments he made during class. His comments were always well thought out and he always had something smart to say. I developed an instant crush after one of his comments during class. I spent the next month urging all my guy friends to befriend him so they could invite me to hang out with them. I would text Stratton easily once or twice a week to hang out with my friends and I, but he always seemed to be busy. I assumed he was not interested and tried to brush it off like it was no big deal, when in reality I was so embarrassed because almost everyone knew how much of a crush I had on him. I was just about to give up my quest for his attention when one night I was studying late in the library. I had run into Stratton so I HAD to stop everything I was doing to strike up a conversation in hopes of possibly sparking his interest in me. We ended up talking for about an hour and went to the cafe to grab a bite to eat. I forgot my wallet so he was kind enough to buy me something to eat as well. I told him in exchange I would bring his roommates and him some cookies the next night. In my head, this was just the perfect excuse to see him the next night! So fast-forward to me dragging my sweet roommate with me as my wing woman to Stratton’s apartment. We were chatting with his roommates when one of them suggested watching a movie. I was excited and nervous at the same time but there was one problem… We were sitting on opposite couches so I sat there for a good 5 minutes weighing the pros and cons of boldly walking over to him and sitting down, risking rejection. I tossed all my worries out the window and went to sit by him. He immediately put his arm around me and I was so excited I couldn’t even focus on the movie the whole time. We have been inseparable from that moment on!

how they asked

We had just gotten back from a trip with my family and Stratton was telling me about our plans for his moms birthday that week. He explained that his family was planning a surprise party for her a few days before her birthday in order to surprise her more. I thought it was a great idea so I got off work early that day and drove the 2 hours up to his mom’s to have Stratton tell me that his mom’s boyfriend had gotten held up a work so our plans were delayed an hour. It wasn’t a big deal to me because we then had some time to ourselves! We got in Stratton’s car and drove a few minutes up to Powder Mountain, a ski resort, which we explore often. We parked the car and Stratton told me he had an activity for us that was originally for a date we were going on later that week. We hiked down the mountain a ways with a backpack and camping chairs in tow until we reached an overlook of the whole valley with a beautiful view of the sunset and fields of wildflowers. He set the chairs up back to back and pulled two blank canvases from his backpack and handed one to me. He explained the rules which were, we were to sit back to back and paint a memory we had with each other without looking at the other painting and once we were done, we would exchange paintings. We had done this before so I wasn’t expecting any grand surprise. After about 10 minutes, Stratton told me he wasn’t done with his painting and we would have to finish at home later because it was time to hike back up the mountain to surprise his mom. I was following Stratton up the mountain when he suddenly comes to a stop. I stopped, looked up at him and noticed lights out of the corner of my eye. I looked over and saw a little table set up on the mountain side with two places set, roses, candles, and a little jewelry box. I immediately knew that the whole surprise birthday plans for his mom were a cover and what was really about to happen. Stratton told me he had lied earlier about his painting and that he really had finished. He pulled his painting from his backpack and handed it to me. It said in blue paint “Marry me?” I looked up at him and he was already down on one knee with the ring in his hand, asking me to be his forever. I was at a loss of words, all I could do was hug and kiss him! When I could finally speak I think I said yes about 20 times! His family came out shortly after videoing and taking pictures the whole time!

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