Erin and Sean

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How We Met

Sean and I met in a very 21st century manner-Instagram. A friend of mine from work had posted a photo of her boyfriend with his best friend (who I had never seen before) and I immediately was asking if he had a girlfriend. Turned out he had been talking to another girl so I pushed the idea out of my mind. A few weeks later a random friend request pops up and I recognize the face. I immediately tell my sister to tell our friend from work to set us up if he is available now. She told me she would. That same night this work friend and I hit the gym after our shift and wouldn’t you know it-Sean was there too! I was so nervous to talk to him I left. He sent me a message on Facebook and told me how sad he was that I didn’t stick around to talk. He suggested maybe we could go out the following weekend. I was so disappointed in myself for leaving when I saw him, but so excited he was interested! We went on our first date just about a week later. When we got to the restaurant he held the door for me as well as a few older women walking out. The last one to walk through turned to me and said “you better marry him” with a big smile. I laughed at the irony of somebody saying that to me on our first date. Little did I know that she was absolutely correct!

how they asked

Our third anniversary of dating was on Thursday April 21, 2016. I have a very busy schedule being a grad school student and so we decided it would be better for us to celebrate on Saturday. Sean told me he had a surprise date planned for us somewhere in Cleveland. He said it wasn’t that extravagant but that he had made reservations for a nice restaurant afterward and that I should wear a dress. He still wasn’t giving up any details on locations. We drive all the way in to the downtown and get off at the exit for Playhouse Square. I’m a Broadway fanatic and go to the theaters here many times a year so I immediately get excited and ask what we are going to see. He told me we weren’t going to see a show, but instead we were going on a behind the scenes tour of all the theaters. I was really excited to get the chance to tour the place I love so much! We had an adorable older man (Joe) as a tour guide who told us story after story about the theaters’ histories. Finally we get to the last theater of the tour-The State Theater. Joe brought us back onto the stage as we wrapped up our tour. I was admiring the beauty of this historic theater and relishing in the fact that some of my favorite performances had taken place right where I was standing. Joe asked if we had any more questions before he walk us out as Sean guided me to center stage. It was at that moment that he said “I think I do have one more question…” He got down on one knee, ring in hand, and said “Will you marry me?” It was the best moment of my life.

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