Erin and Scott

Image 1 of Erin and Scott

How We Met

Scott and I met during college at the University of Vermont in Burlington. We had met in a common friend’s dorm and continued running into each other at AEPi fraternity, where Scott was pledging. We connected pretty immediately and grew from friendship to relationship.

how they asked

We headed to Vermont for our favorite hiking and camping trip at Underhill State Park. After a few trips here, we had perfected their plan of hiking, swimming, hammock camping, cob smoked meats and all things maple. To turn the amazing trip up a notch, we had decided to wake up at 3:30am in order to hike to the summit for sunrise. As our group approached the summit, the sun began beautifully peeking over the mountaintop. The summit was empty, save a few earlier risers who were making their way back down the mountain after seeing the sun rise. Scott pulled me aside, got down on one knee and popped the question. Of course it was a yes and we returned to the group, who had been in on the plan. Everyone cheered and another amazing trip to Vermont finished with a wonderful campsite feast and resting in the sunshine.

Image 2 of Erin and Scott