Erin and Sam

How We Met

Sam and I became friends in high school while playing music together in a band and remained friends throughout much of college. Sam was there for me through much of my boy troubles in college and was always the first person I saw when I would come home for the weekends. At the end of college, we finally decided to start dating after one night playing music we both couldn’t find a good reason to not try it out. Neither of us was really ever scared that our friendship would be lost. We dated long distance for a bit while I was finishing college an hour and a half away and he was at a college in our hometown. Fast forward almost four years later and he’s still my best friend in the world, we both have the jobs we always dreamed of having and we’re getting married!

How They Asked

Sam insisted I come out to Arizona for his Papou’s (Grandpa) birthday. He bought my plane ticket before I was even officially off work (I’m a nurse). After a couple of weeks, while Sam seemed incredibly nervous about my ability to get work off (I should’ve known!) I was able to go and the trip was set. It was just for the weekend and we landed late Thursday night in AZ. Friday morning we woke up and hiked Piestewa Peak. The rest of the day we adventured around Arizona, went to the pool, relaxed and planned on going to a nice dinner. I decided to start getting ready for dinner, and Sam and his brother were nowhere to be found. Sam’s YiaYia (Grandma) told me they went running errands for her. After an hour, I got a call from Sam’s brother asking if I wanted to meet one of his friend’s that moved there recently for a drink before dinner. He elaborated that the little dive bar was right near where we had hiked earlier. I finished getting ready and the boys picked me up. On the way there- GPS directions running and all, they pretended to get lost.

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Pheonix, Arizona

We pulled in at the bottom of Piestewa Peak so they could evaluate the directions and Sam’s brother got out of the car to call his friend. I suggested to Sam that we take a picture while we were there- (I love pictures!) Nervously he looked around and said maybe in a minute. After a few minutes, I was getting impatient and convinced Sam to leave the car for a picture and find Matt. As we walked out of the car and down a few stairs leading to the bottom of the mountain, I saw a blue blanket, two champagne glasses and a bottle of champagne. At that point, I knew what was happening. Sam’s brother was off to the side with a camera ready to capture the moment. Everything about our proposal was perfect and I could not be more excited to marry my best friend.