Erin and Ryne

Erin's Proposal in Movie Theatre

How We Met

We met by chance in the small Illinois town of Jacksonville. She had just graduated from college and I was in town visiting friends. It’s hard to explain, but there was just a spark between us. So much so that we made excuses to see each other as often as we could, even though we lived hours apart. As fate would have it, she would get hired to teach 4th grade at an elementary school near my hometown.

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Movie Theatre

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Movie Theatre

Through good times and bad she’s always been by my side to hold my hand when I’m sad, laugh at my dumb jokes and put up with me when I’m screaming at my Chicago sports teams. After six years of dating, we are finally engaged and loving every second of it! Can’t wait to get married July 13th!

How They Asked

I wanted to make sure this proposal was special and something she wouldn’t see coming. So I started working on a movie trailer I could play on the big screen since we are both big movie fans. The trailer was full of all the big and little moments in our six years of dating. The Illinois Theatre graciously agreed to show my trailer so we packed the audience with friends and family for the big moment. And it went perfect! Because she said yes!

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