Erin and Ryan

How We Met

Ryan and I met on the popular dating app…. Tinder. I had been dared to go on the app and since I am the last person you would find on an app like that bur I took the challenge. Ryan always says you have to match with someone else who really does not want to be online. The way we met is actually all because of my friends Shannon and Maggie ( side note they are cousins). On November 1, 2014 I met up with the girls for late night dinner in downtown Fullerton. I was telling them how I was going to be deleting Tinder the next day as I was not enjoying the app and didn’t have time to focus on trying to find someone as I had recently been diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes.

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Shannon asks if she can play around on the app and swipe on some guys since I was deleting it anyways. I allowed her and next thing I know we have matched with Ryan and she is saying to him ” Hi! How’s your evening going? Cute pup in the photo!” Ryan does not respond til almost 2:00 am with ” Thanks :), my evening is going well. How about yours?”.

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I received that the next morning and decided he was the last person I would talk to from Tinder. If it didn’t go anywhere then it was fine I was deleting the app anyways. Well turns out we had a lot in common and that Thursday November 6, 2017 we went on our first date to TGI Fridays. Now we have been together almost 2.5 years.

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how they asked

Let’s start at the beginning of March. While Erin was gone in Mexico with her college friends, Ryan decided to keep looking for engagement rings and finds a place at the recommendation of a friend in Fullerton. Unexpectedly Ryan finds the perfect ring and buys it that day and decides March 2017 will be when he proposes. A while back I ( Erin) had mentioned that when the time came to propose it was be sweet if we could have Kayla ( our friend and amazing photographer) there to capture the moment. So Ryan came up with a plan to propose with his roommate Mitch and Kayla ( side note: they are dating). Kayla texted me asking if I would pose for some “Senior” photos for her website. I of course said Yes as she is building up her website and I wanted to help in any way that I could. Fast forward to March 24, 2017… I arrive at Crystal Cove to meet Kayla and start taking senior photos.

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We start heading down a pathway to the beach when I see this adorable bookmark hanging from a tree. I stop her and ask if I can get a picture with it. After posing with it she tells me to look around and then I see a note for me from Ryan. This leads to a scavenger hunt filled with heartfelt notes, cute signs and eventually to him.

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Once we get down to the beach is when I see Ryan in the distance and I decide I need to run to him barefoot and all.

Ryan is the sweetest man in the world and made a scrapbook of our photos over the years. He put so much thought into each page from our first photos, holidays, travels and the final page….

which was a Mr. and Mrs. page that he said we can fill out together. He then got down on one knee using my full name to ask me to make him the luckiest guy in the world and marry him.

After a few photos Ryan then showed me his shirt which we had gotten for him over the summer while with his family. I love that he wore “Future Trophy Husband” and that Kayla captured everything for us.

Ryan told me the reason he proposed at Crystal Cove is because for his 25th birthday which was only 1 month into dating I took him to Crystal Cove for a hike. He said that is where he started to fall in love with me. I am the luckiest girl in the world to be marrying such a sweet, supportive, hilarious and fun man. Thank you to Kayla and Mitch for your support with the proposal. The scheming, professional photography, and keeping Ryan calm. We can’t wait to be The Kellys.