Erin and Ryan

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How We Met

We originally met through work. Erin was actually my trainer at the first job I took in Boston. We also saw each other outside of work since we had mutual friends. After about 6 months she finally agreed to go out for a date.

how they asked

Erin had been traveling for work quite often for the previous year or so. We had talked about me tagging along for one of the more exciting locations. When a trip to Austria in September came up, I knew that would be a good opportunity for a couples getaway and potential spot for an engagement proposal. I did a little homework prior to our trip and thought that the Schönbrunn Palace looked like a good choice, however, it was outdoors and the weather forecast was looking cloudy and rainy all week for our vacation. Since I was trying to keep things a surprise and not push anything too strongly (which I think would give me away) I decided to play it by ear. The second day we were in Vienna, Erin suggested visiting the Palace I had picked out. As luck would have it, it was also the most sunny day we had during our 10 day trip. After a tour of the palace and the gardens, we worked our way up to the top of the Gloriette which overlooked the palace grounds and a large part of Vienna. After stopping for a few photo ops, I got down on one knee and asked her to marry me on top of a palace in Vienna, overlooking the palace gardens. She was completely surprised and didn’t really say anything for a few minutes. She had taken the ring, put it on, and smiled.

We are getting married at Gilbertsville Farmhouse! When we started thinking of venues, we knew that the hotel/resort/country club style was not us. We wanted something that made us feel more casual with a little bit of elegance. There were several barn style venues or bar/brewery options that we looked at. When we came to Gilbertsville Farmhouse, we felt it had the casual/rustic side we liked as well as the glamorous flair. The part that I think sealed the deal was the Glamping sites. The idea of having the wedding party all staying together onsite made the weekend seem more like a relaxing mini vacation than just a few hour event.

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