Erin and Rolandas

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How We Met

I met Rolandas in June of 2014 at a social his brother was hosting at his home. I arrived with my cousin Tish who is good friends of his brother Craig Jr. Halfway through the evening, Craig came up to me and asked had I met his brother, I said no, and he replied, “Well you’ve got to meet him”. We spoke briefly introducing ourselves and enjoyed the rest of the night with friends. About a week later he asked for my number from my cousin. We began communicating that way initially, and had our first outing in mid July. We began to spend more and more time together. He had just moved back to Arkansas from Nashville, TN where he attended Meharry College for Dentistry and completed his residency. I was also a fairly new graduate and working as a Speech Pathology Assistant for a school district in Arkansas. Just shy of a year of dating we found out I had been accepted into graduate school, and we were expecting our daughter Emery Rae. We have grown closer and closer through the experience of being new parents to our sassy little princess! He relocated to MS where we are living comfortably while I finish school and he continues to make children smile as a Pediatric dentist!

how they asked

We made plans to go to Memphis, TN for what I thought was to continue celebrating his birthday that was that Thursday prior. On Saturday October 28th, we arrived in Memphis to the Madison hotel. He told me we would leave for dinner around 4:00 p.m. I was dressed and waiting, when he told me he had to go downstairs to pickup a gift his grandmother was having someone bring him, then we would be ready to go. About 10 mins later he called me and asked if I wanted to go up to the rooftop for drinks before we go eat. He said he would meet me up there. I got off the elevator and walked out the door to see both sets of our parents holding the “Will you marry me?” Sign! I looked to my left and saw a lady playing guitar and singing; my sisters, niece, best friend, his brother, sister and her daughter and husband and our baby girl running up to me!

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I was in such shock all I kept thinking was I can’t believe this is happening and where is he?! His mom steps to the side and he’s standing back behind her. I made my way to him, we gave eachother a quick peck and he popped the question! The tears flowed, I have never been so surprised!! Our families cheered and everyone hugged one another. The photographer continued to take pictures and he also made reservations at Texas De Brazil for our engagement dinner with our families! It was such a spectacular day! One I will never forget!

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Our Video

Special Thanks

Chloe Littlefield
 | Photographer
Jackie Drane
 | She played the Guitar and sang “Make it to me” By Sam Smith