Erin and Pedro

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How We Met

“The beginning of our relationship started the summer of 2012. Erin moved back from New York City and I had moved back from North Carolina. We met a few minutes before our inaugural kickball game as part of “Pitches be Crazy,” an illustrious and storied franchise. Our stomachs were filled with butterflies, and I let my nerves show when I fumbled the first two pop flies of my all-too-short kickball career. Thankfully, Erin, the patient teacher, was there. She taught me to catch underhand (so simple!), and I never fumbled a catch again (I think). E was modest, so she liked to hang around the sidelines, and I found myself gravitating that way as well. I chatted her up about music and Portlandia, and my crush began when she uttered those five magic words: “Put a bird on it.”
I asked her out to dinner, and even though I fumbled that, she said “yes.” A few nice dinners, costume parties, cozy nights in our cozy apartment, and a puppy later, I put a ring on it.” -Pedro

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how they asked

“On April 18th, I was invited to a girls night dinner with two of my best friends. The girls told me to dress fancy and we would meet at Melissa’s apartment. My friend Melissa lived in downtown Atlanta in the Ponce building. The view from the rooftop is a must for photo-shoots whenever we get together. We headed up to the roof to take a few photos before dinner, and as we start walking toward our usual photo spot, Pedro comes out from behind one of the columns. I immediately started to cry. We walked up the stairs where a beautiful picnic was set up. I don’t really recall everything that Pedro said to me (I had him repeat is later), but I do remember him asking me to be his wife. I immediately said yes! Our friends were snapping photos the entire time which truly helped to cherish the memories even more. Our friends congratulated us and then we were alone on the roof top celebrating with one another. Pedro had ordered food from Seven Lamps (one of my favorite restaurants) and with a little help from our friends he was able to propose on the roof of The Ponce over a candle-lit “picnic.” The memory and joy of being able to know we would spend forever with one another is a true blessing. I can’t wait to call him my husband.” Erin

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