Erin and Payton


how we met

Payton and I met in Charlotte about three years ago. We were both newly single and ready to mingle for sure. He approached me at a bar (so cliche I know) but I mean let’s be honest what girl can resist a tall, dark haired, blue eyed handsome man. I of course fell head over heels with him. We immediately became inseparable. Payton is one of those guys who anyone can talk to or confide in. He is such a driven, compassionate and inspirational person to every person he comes in contact with. He is absolutely a hopeless romantic, not a day goes by that I don’t thank my lucky stars for him.

how they asked

Payton had told me Wednesday night last week that he needed to go to Charleston for work suddenly but asked if I’d join him since I have fridays off. We checked into a hotel Thursday night and he explained his boss had setup a nice charter boat ride for us since they have a Charleston office. Silly me thought nothing of it. Our good friends Sam and Alex were in on it and totally had me fooled that we were hanging all weekend with them. They were also going to be in Charleston and again oblivious me thought nothing of this. They joined us on the boat to kick off our weekend in Charleston. The boat name was “fate” and I should have known then but I didn’t. It took us all through the Charleston harbor and it was sunny and 75, so perfect. (One of Payton and I’s favorite songs– still had no clue) Little did I know Payton had much more in store than a booze cruise on a yacht with our friends.

The captain and his first mate started snapping pictures which I thought would be for sale later (so I kept snapping pictures on my iPhone– I didn’t want to buy those I could capture my own HA). Payton and I were taking a picture on the front of the boat and that’s when he started to get serious. Payton was SOO nervous and I knew right then and there this was about to be the best moment of my life. I know I looked a hot mess but that’s only because I was a hot mess.


He got down down on one knee, with the sun setting behind us in the harbor and asked me to be his forever. We were both emotional and crying hysterically, I barely even remembered his speech. (Thank goodness he wrote it down for me to read later– and of course I cried like a baby yet again).





I caught the last part about the weather being sunny and 75, the date being 11/11 on a boat called “fate”. (We always make a wish at 11:11 everyday and I hadn’t even thought about the fact of the date being special to us at the time). It could not have been more perfect.

The surprises kept continuing, we popped lots of champagne, our friends Sam and Alex had captured the whole thing on video, and the photographer was snapping away.



Payton had thought of everything. The boat then dropped us off to what I thought was a celebratory dinner at Shem Creek but when the boat pulled up to the dock I saw both of our families standing there in tears along with my bestfriend Casey and Edwin! — continued to ball! We celebrated all night long after dinner and I then for sure thought the night was over.

Payton told me he had another surprise up his sleeve and I didn’t understand how there could possibly be more. We drove way out past Seabrook Island to an adorable white plantation home overlooking the marsh built in 1834 that Payton had rented for the entire weekend for us to spend the rest of the weekend with our families. They had definitely been in on it because when we opened the door our precious dog Spur was inside and they had the entire house decorated for us. Our moms being who they are had a whole weekend of food and fun planned. We finished the weekend with a low country boil (one of our favorites) and plenty of beer and champagne to continue the celebrations all weekend long.

Only the lord knows what I have done to deserve such an amazing man I get to spend the rest of my life with. He went above and beyond to surprise me and boy did he. It will forever be the best weekend of our lives and I cannot wait to spend forever with my best friend.