Erin and Payne's Biltmore Marriage Proposal

6How we met: Payne and I were both in college at the University of North Georgia when our paths crossed. I knew early on he was the one for me.  We dated for almost a year before I moved to Charleston for grad school. After graduation I found a job near Payne and happily moved back to Georgia.

how they asked: Payne and I love to travel and take weekend trips. He took me to the Biltmore House during the Christmas season and I was quickly obsessed with the magnificence of the house. He and I both love exploring the photo 2 (2) (2)Biltmore House and taking behind the scenes tours. We are season passholders and visit as often as our schedule

In one of our first trips we went on the Architect’s Tour which takes you on top of the house, the view is breathtaking. Over two years ago I mentioned in passing how awesome it would be to get engaged on top of the house, I later found out Payne had already had that idea.

Payne always knew July 4th is my favorite holiday and the day I wanted to get married; so this past July 4th we took a weekend trip to Highlands and went to visit the Biltmore House.

We were supposed to go on a tour we hadn’t been on yet when Payne told me it was full and we would have to do the Architect’s Tour again. I was fine with this and completely oblivious to any plans he photo 4 (2) (1)had. When the tour was almost over we were on top of the house and were going to take a picture. As we were getting in position Payne grabbed both my hands and I just thought he was being weird, until he started talking and I realized what was going on. He said, “You make me the happiest I’ve ever been and I want to spend the rest of my life with you.” He dropped to one knee and asked me to marry him. I was in shock and speechless but somehow managed to get out a yes and asked if my daddy knew. I could not have planned a better proposal for the two of us, he thought I had it figured out but I was completely caught off guard. Thankfully our sweet tour guide got pictures of the whole thing for us.

The ring: Payne got the ring from Shane Co. I wanted something different – and either the engagement ring or the wedding band to have 3 parts for Ecclesiastes He did perfect!

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