Erin and Paul

How We Met: We knew each other from Wisdom Lane Middle School in Levittown, New York, but never really interacted much. We were both incredibly shy kids, and when I went off to a private high school and Paul stayed at the local public school, neither one of us ever thought we would be where we are today!

Thank goodness for social media! In 2009, I added Paul as a friend on Facebook, and we began to chat. We soon became friends, and later dated for a very short time in the Fall of 2009. However, for many unfortunate reasons, our relationship did not last. However we remained somewhat friendly yet somewhat distant for the following year.

In the late Fall of 2010, we began to see each other once more, first as friends, and eventually went on a few dates. After a chaotic holiday season, we began officially dating on Wednesday, January 19, 2011!

how they asked

One week before my twenty-sixth birthday, Paul got down on one knee and asked me to spend my life with him. Of course I said “Yes!” It was magical in every sense of the word.

Months prior, Paul had made reservations for a private viewing of The Magic Kingdom’s Nighttime Fireworks Spectacular, “Wishes”, on the Grand One Yacht since we were vacationing in Walt Disney World. I had known that this special time was reserved for us on the yacht, so we made all other plans of our vacation around it.

I had more than an “inkling” of what was going to happen – the thing I did not expect was for it to happen prior to the Grand One Yacht Ride!

That Friday morning, we dined in style at Cinderella’s Royal Table, then returned to our resort to get ready for the evening. I wore a dress fit for a princess, resembling a beautiful blue – that of Cinderella’s iconic ballgown.

I went to the Ivy Trellis Salon in Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort where I had my hair and makeup done by a fantastic stylist, then proceeded to meet Paul in the lobby for our dinner date at Citrico’s.

Little did I know that while I was getting dolled up in the salon, there was a whole other plan in the works for that once in a lifetime moment.

Paul met with Tara, my sister, and Kelsea, Tara’s friend, to figure out a way to surprise me and propose in front of Citrico’s. Tara and Kelsea suggested that the band in the Grand Floridian lobby play the song we will share as our first dance as husband and wife, “A Whole New World.”

We enjoyed a fantastic dinner at Citrico’s, then as they walked out of the restaurant, the band began to play the most romantic of Disney Love Songs. I immediately caught on, and frantically asked Paul about the plans for the Grand One Yacht. As Paul professed his love for me, Tara and Kelsea came out from their designated hiding spots and Tara presented the gorgeous engagement ring on a silver tray, paired with a pillow, flowers, and a tiara.

Paul got down on one knee and asked the famous words I had so been longing to hear for almost twenty-six years. “Will you marry me?”

Teary-eyed me replied with an emotional yet excited “Yes”!

Paul and I, along with the helpful and amazing Tara and Kelsea, enjoyed and concluded our evening of celebrations on the Grand One Yacht in Walt Disney World as fireworks lit up the sky. It was pure magic.