Erin and Nick

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How We Met

Nick and Erin had known of each other for about 7 years before they actually started dating. Their mutual friends parents tried to hook them up over the course of the years, but one or the other was not really interested at the time. They went to the same events occasionally, but did not formally meet until February 27, 2015. Erin’s best friends, Sarah and Rachel, (also Nick’s friends) were planning to meet Nick for dinner. About two hours before they were supposed to meet Sarah called Erin and begged her to come.

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Erin was running around the mall with her sister and the two little girls she babysits. Not wanting to put up a fuss and recently single, Erin said she would join them. Within an hour Nick messaged Erin on Facebook to apologize for the awkwardness of the dinner to come. Over the next two hours some relatively awkward flirtation was exchanged until finally we met at A La C’Art for dinner. The next day Nick asked for Erin’s phone number. A week or so later Nick called Erin (despite constant texting) to ask her on a date. The rest is history.

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how they asked

Nick planned a weekend to go visit Erin’s Nana in Prescott, AZ and see the city of Sedona together. In the days leading up to January 28th Nick met with Erin’s dad and asked his permission as well as made sure Erin’s mom and sister took her to have her nails done. Saturday morning they drove up to Sedona. Nick took Erin through the shops, bought her tea and fudge, and even took her to “look at engagement rings”. He took her to lunch at the Hideaway Cafe which overlooks a piece of Oak Creek and has a great view of the beautiful red rocks in Sedona.

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After lunch Nick and Erin drove up a little further north to explore Oak Creek Canyon. They hiked down into the canyon through what was left of the snow to get right by the water. It was gorgeous, but not the right place. Finally, they headed back to Bell Rock, which Nick had saved for last. After they parked, Nick “forgot” his phone in the car and had to go back. He snuck the ring in his jacket. Together they hiked up the rock and continuously looked for the perfect “picture spot”. They never really found it.

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Eventually, they started to head back down and came to a secluded little cove hidden by rock and trees with just the slightest bit of snow and ice on the ground. Nick said, “yeah this is good”. He gave Erin a big hug and told her he loved her three times each time she responded and on the last one he asked, “more than anything?” Erin said, “yes” and he said, “good, because I have a question…” In that moment he pulled the ring out of his jacket, got down on one knee, and asked, “will you marry me?”

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