Erin and Nick

Image 2 of Erin and Nick

How We Met

I remember meeting my best friend’s new love interest when I was 20 years old. His name was Nick and I thought he was so cute. He was charismatic, charming, and made me laugh. Obviously I never acted on my interest because, at the time, my best friend had interest too, but we started becoming good friends. We ended up losing contact when I was away for college, but flash forward 2 years later, my best friend is now very happy in a relationship with someone else and Nick and I start running into each other at my sister’s high school volleyball games (he is a volleyball coach and had coached a lot of girls she plays with) This time I acted on my interest, and he did too. Within two months of running into each other, I knew I never wanted to be without him again.

How They Asked

We had been hoping to the Grand Canyon for a couple of months. Visiting the Grand Canyon was on both of our bucket lists so when we miraculously lined up our schedules to have a free weekend, we took the opportunity and went for 3 days. I’m a nightshift NICU nurse and I worked the night before we left so by the time we arrived in our hotel, I had been awake for 34 hours.

Image 4 of Erin and Nick

Nick told me he would let me sleep in the next morning and he would go to the visitors center and try to book a tour for us. The next evening we headed out to the sunset Jeep tour he planned for us and over the next few hours, we had a blast touring the edge of the canyon with our amazing tour guide. The tour ended with us going to one of the many lookout spots around the canyon to watch the sunset.

Image 3 of Erin and Nick

Our tour guide gave us a blanket to sit on and offered to take a picture of us. After our guide took a few pictures Nick said he had “an idea for one more” and got down on one need. I was sobbing I was so excited. I couldn’t say yes fast enough. The cherry on top was the beautiful ring he designed for me so he could incorporate diamonds from his Grandmother’s wedding ring.

Image 1 of Erin and Nick