Erin and Matthew

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How We Met

We met through a mutual friend. But the timing of how we met was always so weird. Like it was meant to be. Over the 5 years together we have discovered so many instances where we could have met, practically bumped into each other and just didn’t. Matt used to live in Georgia and during that time period my family, from nj, would vacation in the same town in Georgia where he lived. Matt and his family moved up to nj a few years later, one town away from mine. Our birthdays are 3 weeks apart and we celebrated our birthdays on some of the same weekends at the same place, wheels and motion in rockaway nj. I was a cheerleader and he was a football player for opposing teams and we are literally in eachothers home videos, and never once met eachother!! We had so many of the same friends throughout high school and were even at some high school parties together and just never met. It’s been crazy to find out all these tid bit details throughout our lives. The universe finally allowed us to meet exactly when we were supposed to. Since then our relationship has blossomed and grown in unbelievable ways!

how they asked

He he asked is a little bit out of the ordinary then most, I would imagine. It started in 2014, in Georgia where we were living. We were out celebrating our 4th anniversary and we went to our favorite restaurant near the city, Atlanta, the restaurant was Canoe, absolutely amazing! We had a wonderful time delicious food and just enjoyed eachother laughing and sipping on wine, a beautiful October night. Our table had a view of their famous gardens/river view… He did good on those reservations ;) after dinner we got back in our car and headed home where dessert was waiting. We never eat dessert out, we always go to this cupcakery and pick out our favorite cupcake and crack open some wine or champaign when we get home, something we’ve done for all special occasions it’s a little tradition at this point. So as usual we poured some drinks and went to go devour our gluten free vegan vanilla raspberry champaign flavored cupcakes! Oh my gosh so good by the way!! It was then in the mist of us laughing and reminiscing down memory lane that Matthew got a tear in his eye, I could really imagine why besides maybe he was just really happy about us and our night. He excused himself from his chair and left the room. When he came back he was definitely acting funny, kind of happy and nervous bashful for sure lol! He grabbed my hand and bent on one knee and I was like oh my gosh oh my gosh!! It’s happening!! (But how?!? We are broke college students who had to save just for dinner lol!!) my dearest matty proposed to with the receipt of my ring, a promise that he said had been waiting to long as is and that it’s coming! I got down on the floor with him and said yes to him to the receipt to his promise. That year a lot had happened, we moved back to nj transferred schools and 9 days after doing so found out we were pregnant! Which is a miracle! For five years we had known we couldn’t have children and we lived our life together to the fullest. This year on October 21st we celebrated our 5 year anniversary and being 7 months pregnant with our miracle baby girl. Ten days later, on Halloween, Matthew took me out to dinner to a beautiful organic restaurant, ninety acres, made the most beautiful reservations. While waiting for our food he suggested we go look into their gardens so we did, we went outside and there was a beautiful lit fire place lighted walkways and that’s when Matthew lived up to his receipt promise and proposed with the most beautiful ring I’ve ever seen!! Just in time for our little family to begin.

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