Erin and Matthew

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Flathead Lake in Kalispell, MT

How We Met

I moved to Rhode Island from Montana when I was 10 years old and Matthew was my neighbor across the street. I was always a bit heavier and awkward, and he’s always been one of those people that everyone enjoys being around. He was my first real boyfriend in 3rd grade, and all throughout my teenage years I had feelings for him. Matthew’s the type of guy who would stop to get out of his car and hug my mother just to be sweet, or shovel the entire driveway because she has difficulty getting around. He’s the type of man that every girl dreams about. Finally, we got the timing right and started dating in September of 2015. I kick myself for not having had pursued him sooner.

Where to Propose in Flathead Lake in Kalispell, MT

how they asked

Ever since we moved to Rhode Island I’ve been telling Matthew about the dock that I grew up on in Kalispell, MT I spent my entire childhood there with my sisters and cousins learning how to swim. We decided a few months into dating to plan a trip back to my home state as I hadn’t been back since we moved and Matt really wanted to see the views. The day after we arrived, we drove down to Lakeside and found the old dock that I dreamt about. Matt set up his tri-pod to take pictures for our family of the enormous sky and mountain views. A couple of minutes later he came up to me and his hands were shaking. He kept asking me if I knew how much he loved me and of course I said “yes! but let me tell you about…” and continued to ramble about my childhood experiences. The next thing I know, he is on his knee in front of me with trembling hands asking me to marry him. It was the most beautiful moment I could’ve ever imagined.