Erin and Matt

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How We Met

We met over seven years ago…on Myspace. Kind of. Matt and I attended the same high school when I was a senior, but our paths never crossed. In 2009 he moved to LA to go to film school, and I popped up in his recommended friends. He recognized me from school, sent me a message, and we’ve been inseparable ever since!

how they asked

The proposal was both epic and hysterical, and started when Matt gave me a Christmas gift of a winter trip to Whistler. We both love to snowboard and never take vacations, so I was pumped! I renewed my passport, we packed up our boards and headed to Canada for the first time. After hopping in our rental 4×4 Jeep and immaturely giggling at the signs in kilometers, we drove up the coast of Vancouver – one of the most beautiful, scenic drives I’ve ever seen!

We arrived in Whistler to a cozy condo and got a good night’s sleep for our first day of boarding. We hit the mountain bright and early, with my trusty stash of tequila on hand for lift drinking.

A few hours later I caught too much air and ended up badly bruising my rib. It was the worst snowboarding injury I’ve ever had, and I was in agony. Matt took care of me and let me rest for the afternoon, but the following day insisted we do a hike at Blackcomb Glacier. I was still in a lot of pain but I agreed knowing it would be worth it.

Fast forward to the following day: One gondola, three chair lifts and a T-Bar later, we started the “hike”. I had envisioned a moderate trail that wrapped around the mountain – NOT SCALING THE SIDE OF MOUNT EVEREST. While carrying our snowboards.

I’ve never been more terrified. I could even see headlines: “Couple careens off side of mountain while snowboarding.”

After coming to terms with the fact that the video he watched on YouTube didn’t give him very accurate directions to the specific place he was looking for, my tears of fear and pain insisted we come back down to a still very beautiful ridgeline. Matt set up his tripod to “take a pano” while I tried to calm myself down and took in the amazing view. We were, after all, alone at the top of Blackcomb Glacier.

When I turned around, he was down on one knee. “If we can get through this, we can get through anything. Erin Michelle Brown, will you marry me?”

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Through a mix of tears, giggles and a bit of un-ladylike profanity, I managed to say YES!

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We then boarded SEVEN MILES (yes, seven miles) to the bottom, all while clutching my rib with one hand and gripping my other hand in the gloves so the ring, containing a gorgeous conflict-free Canadian diamond, wouldn’t slip off.

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I didn’t get to snowboard for the next 3 days of the trip, but it was all worth it. (Oh, and the camera was recording the whole time.)