Erin and Matt


Matt and I met at summer camp when I was 14 and he was 16. After camp was over, Matt would drive to my hometown, about an hour and a half away, to take me on dates to play laser tag. The distance got in the way, but we stayed in contact for years via Facebook. Twelve years later, I saw that Matt’s Facebook status changed to “single.” I messaged him that night and the rest is history.


I was flying home from a weekend getaway with my best friend, and I was totally exhausted. Matt and I had just gotten a puppy together and all I cared about was getting off the plane and going home to see her. As soon as I walked into our apartment, I didn’t see her crate. I turned to him, a bit grumpy, and said: “Where is she?!” He told me she was in our bedroom. I ran into the bedroom and was immediately taken aback. There were candles everywhere. There were flowers everywhere. I turned around and he was holding posters (think, Love Actually). The posters reminisced on our relationship and time together. The final one said: “I’m ready for the rest of our life to begin. Turn around.” When I did, he hit a switch and “Will you be my Wife?” lit up. It was written in Christmas lights on the wall of our room. When I turned back around, he was down on one knee.

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