Erin and Mat | Proposal on the Beach

Image 1 of Erin and Mat | Proposal on the BeachHow We Met: I am sure I am not the only girl who has fallen in love with a guy at prom…right? Well it all started at Mat’s junior prom in 2001 – I had agreed to go with his friend Jason (strictly as friends). We arrived at the picture location and everyone piled into the limo. At first he seemed extremely arrogant and well, a complete jerk, so I wanted nothing to do with him. The funny thing now is that he is COMPLETELY the opposite. After getting to know him throughout the night, I was smitten. I felt really bad because my “date” really liked me, but being selfish, I knew I was going to pursue Mat.

After prom had come and gone, I continued to talk to Jason only so I was able to talk to Mat. Mat and I eventually began talking on a daily basis and over the next year became great friends which eventually blossomed into love. It was the summer of 2002 when Mat finally asked me out…and the rest is history!!
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how they asked: This summer on August 11, 2012 was our 10 year anniversary – hard to believe…10 years!! Mat and I had planned to go away and celebrate our anniversary. Very low key vacation (we are saving for a home and such). We planned to visit his cousin’s home in western mass for a couple of days and then stay in Cape Cod for the rest of the week. Mat had made it clear he was continuing to save for a ring and it would not be happening anytime soon (might I add he is VERY convincing!!) While enjoying our time at his cousins, he has declared to them he was going to propose in the cape, me being oh so clueless had no idea. After our few days with his cousins, we ventured on to the Cape. We did not have a reservation booked, so our plan was to drive around and find a hotel (we frequent the area, so we know the hotels) once we had arrived at our hotel, our plan was to relax for a bit then venture out to find a restaurant for dinner. Like usual we scoured the internet on our phones looking for new places with rave reviews. He had come across this “restaurant” called Bass Hole, and he is never the one to pick the restaurant so I obliged and off we went. In pursuit of this “restaurant”, we ended up at a beach, also called Ball Hole, there was a beautiful board walk and I asked if we could go walk down real quick, he agreed and off we went. Little did I know, he had planned to pop the question here, but there were swarms of people around so he aborted the plan. He said the restaurant must be down the road, so we changed plans to go to another “restaurant” which also turned out to be a beach in Dennis. He insisted the restaurant must be on the beach because this is where the GPS was directing him. We got out and began to walk down the beach (keep in mind, Mat HATES the beach, so this is the last thing I was expecting). We walked for about 1/2 mile and it was impossible to walk in my shoes, we discovered no restaurant and he asked if I wanted to walk back. I said yes and so we turned around. He was behind me at this point and said wait a minute (me thinking he had to tie his shoe). I turned back around and he was down on one knee. The butterflies that overcame my stomach as well as the fact that I could not breathe was something I have never experienced before, the moment was magical and something that will forever be with me. He talked for about 5 minutes and I can only recall a few things he had said…everything went white noise on me…I said yes and we plan to wed October 2013!!

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Photos by Michael Skerry of Derby Studios Photography