Erin and LaQuan

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How We Met

LaQuan and I met in 2011 during our freshman year at Olivet College in Olivet, Michigan. We met one night through mutual friends. We realized a few days later that we were in the same major. We started off as good friends, and we developed feelings. We went on our first date the beginning of December 2011, and he asked me to be his girlfriend December 27, 2011. We finished our 4 years of college together, and experienced all the ups and downs of a college relationship. After graduation, we lived about an hour from each other, but we still found time to visit each other on the weekends.

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how they asked

LaQuan proposed to me on April 16, 2016. That was the day of my sorority formal. It was my first formal back as an alumni. He had been acting weird all day. We went to a couple of different stores, and had me pick out a comfy outfit for after the formal so we could stay and hang out with everyone. A few hours later, we checked into our hotel, and he was being very goofy and weird. I just thought he was playing around so I didn’t think anything of it. At the formal later that night, he kept looking at his phone. I was getting a little annoyed since we agreed to leave our phones alone for the night, but I decided to just let it go. When the formal was almost over, he told me he would be right back. While he was gone, some of my sorority sisters had me come up to the front and take some pictures. As I turned around our favorite song came on “One Call Away” by Charlie Puth, and there he was standing with this big wrapped box. My birthday was about 2 and a half weeks before, so I thought it was just a late birthday gift. He pulled up chairs for both of us, and he said that it was something special, and that we would explain it as I opened it. After unwrapping and opening the box, there were layers of little gifts. There was a bag of Cheetos and Peanut M&Ms, because those are my favorite. There was a heart key chain because I have his heart. There was a quart of oil because he was helping me work on my car. There was a solar hula girl because he always jokes around about wanting a Waikiki girl. The last gift was a ring pop. He said I say I wanted a ring, so there was one. After that he said there was one more thing. I lifted the last pieces of tissue paper, and on the bottom it said “Erin Ashley Sweeney will you marry me?” As I was reading it, he got down on one knee. There was a lot of people around, and a few of my friends were screaming “SAY YES!”. I honestly, didn’t hear them until I saw the video because everything just faded, it was only me and him. I shook my head yes, and kissed him. We almost fell over when I kissed him, but we hid it pretty well. We forgot to put the ring on, so he had to get back on one knee and put the ring on my finger. I was so happy, and in a state of bliss. I don’t remember the next hour or so. We were calling family and friends to let them know. I didn’t even realize there was a video until one of my best friends said she had the whole thing on video.

Our wedding is set for March 2, 2019!

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