Erin and Kyle

How We Met

How we met is kind of a funny story. Mainly, because Kyle does not remember! We met with in the first few days of college. We even ate lunch together with a small group of people at freshman orientation.  His memory of us meeting for the first time is the point when our mutual friends tried to set us up! The second time is the charm, right?!

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Kyle and I had openly talked about getting married for a while. I knew the proposal was something that was going to happen – it was just the “when” that I didn’t know. We had designed my engagement ring together, so the only thing we were waiting for was the ring to be ready! When it was ready, he conveniently kept it a secret from me.

The day he proposed, I had an extremely trying day at work that day. Kyle sent me a text at work saying that he had a surprise for me when I got home. He would not tell me what it was until I was done with work. So I gave him a call before I left, and he told me that he had made us dinner! This was an awesome surprise, and I would have been satisfied with the hot meal, but he had a bit more in mind!

Once I got back to my apartment, he told me that he was making a Crockpot dinner, and it still had about 30 minutes before it was ready. He then asked if I wanted to go on a walk in the park. We had this cute little park that was right behind the apartment building. The park had a pond in it with a gazebo in the middle of it, and a trail that went around the entire pond. Since we live in the greater Chicago land area we always try to take advantage of any warm days we can!

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From far off, I could see that the gazebo was lit up with Outdoor string lights and I thought to myself, hey that’s odd but didn’t think anything more of it. Kyle and I were talking about our days until we got to the trail that goes around the pond. I saw about 30 feet away a sign that is not normally there. As we got closer I saw that it read, “I will be patient, I will be kind.” About 20 feet up from that was another sign that read, “I will not envy, I will not boast.” These signs continued as the path went along referencing I Corinthians 13. The signs then started to tell all the things that Kyle loved about me. The last couple signs said how he always wanted me in his life forever.

Once we got to the gazebo, I saw that he had placed some of my favorite flowers around and decorated it with photos of us! There was a string of photos hung up that created a timeline of our relationship. The first time we hung out. Our first date. Picnics. Hiking. Concerts we had gone to. Our little adventures. Things I did not even realize we had pictures of! As I was looking at this, he pulled out a letter that he wanted me to read. The letter put words to the photos. He spoke about our entire relationship, the things we had done together, the things he loved about me and how he was so excited to spend our lives together. When I was done reading the letter, I looked up and he was down on one knee and asked me to be his wife!

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