Erin and Justin

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After being best friends for 5 years, 3 years of dating, and two of living together, my now fiancé planned the most incredible engagement!! My fiancé has always been one to surprise me with a date night when I really thought we were just going out to dinner with family. This particular time we stopped at a small airport that I had grown up next to. When asking why we stopped there, he said “you’ve always wanted to learn how to fly!” I was beyond excited to jump in this airplane and start flying! My fiancé is a farmer and we were flying near his farm land. He told me to fly over the land to take pictures of his parents house and then to another spot that we always watch the sunset. As we were flying in, I say to my fiancé, “why did someone write in the field?” Little did I know, my fiancé planted the beans in the field to say “J+E” and as I turned around in the airplane he is sitting there with my dream ring. It was a dream ring, with my dream man, and a beyond dream proposal.

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