Erin and Justin

Where to Propose in Dauphin Island, AL

How We Met

When I first started college I met a girl and we became pretty good friends. One day she told me that she had a guy that would be perfect for me. So one Friday night she invited me to go to a football game to meet this guy. Well we go to the game and her boyfriend and Justin are a no show. At this point my friend is upset because they never showed up but I did not care because I was hanging out with my friend. Well after the game we go to Foodacklys and they finally show up. My friend comes up to me and says “Erin, this is Justin!” I turn around and say “hey!” And he just stares at me!! I’m thinking is there something on my face? This guy does not like me! All weekend he was nervous and would never talk to me but by the end of the weekend things changed and we started talking. It all started at Foosacklys?

how they asked

Since I was about to graduate from college, my mom wanted to take some pictures on the beach. And for some reason Justin wanted to come too. (I should have known because he hates taking pictures) I kept saying “why are you coming? You aren’t graduating?” Well we finally make it to the beach to take “graduation” pictures and it is one of the windiest days so I am getting very aggravated because my hair and dress are flying everywhere! So they tell me lets go to the west end and maybe there won’t be as much wind. When we make it to the west end (already aggravated I might add…) Justin asks me what picture I wanted to take and I had no idea what he was talking about so he said “Just face toward the water”.

After I turn toward the water he says “your supposed to face this way” and he is down on one knee with the most beautiful ring and says “Will you marry me?” And of course I said yes! But the fun is not over yet. On the way home he kept telling me that we had to go to his house and different places to see everyone to tell them the good news s. As we pull up at my house I see all of our closest friends and family standing in my backyard with a party waiting for us when we got there. He got me twice! It was the most perfect day ever! And better than I could ever dreamed it would be!