Erin and Joshua

Image 1 of Erin and Joshua

How We Met

I first met Joshua when I was about 13. He was best friends with the boys that grew up on my street. They always rode their bikes around the block and had built this massive dirt jump on the side of the road which i’m sure our neighbors loved. All of the boys were (and still are) daredevils and we have all been great friends ever since. My sisters and our friends always hung out at “the corner” at the end of out street watching the boys until we would hear our mom call for us to come inside when the street lights turned on. I had moved away for a while when I was 18 and returned home to Campbell when I was 23. My cousin Alisa started dating one of the boys (Dustin) on my street so we had decided to all go on a bike ride on one of the trails in town. Right before we took off for their ride, Joshua (who I had not seen in about 5 years) showed up in his white truck all grown up and looking mighty fine! Someone had stolen his dirt bike gear out of his truck and he wanted to make sure he hadn’t left it at Dustin’s house by mistake. I started talking to him, while sitting on my bike in the front yard when Joshua asked if he could tag along on the ride as well Cue the butterfly’s!!! As we all headed off to ride Joshua started to show off by doing all of these crazy tricks on his bike. Everything was going great until we approached this huge hill!! I hopped off the cruiser and started to push the bike up, but Josh had a better idea, he was going to help me up this hill! After the third attempt and an insane amount of nervous laughter I hopped off the bike blushing and pushed it uphill while Josh rode beside me. Ever since that day, we have been destined as soul mates and all could not be any happier!

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how they asked

On Memorial day weekend we always go to our friends amazing property in Coulterville, CA called Moonshine Ranch. There are anywhere from 60-100 people that camp out on the property and enjoy the 300 acres that the our friends stunning house sits on. Everyone bring’s their 4 wheelers, dirt bikes, and ATV’s and we all have a blast cruising the property. This year Joshua and I jumped in our RV Thursday afternoon and towed behind our friend’s dirt bike because they were not going to be able to join us at the property until Friday night.

Image 3 of Erin and Joshua

Little did I know what Joshua had planned! We were in the RV for about 3 hours and Josh kept asking me if I was excited. He knew that this is my favorite trip that we go on so I didn’t think anything of it. A couple years ago I had randomly made this video of us and some friends and the theme was “The best night of our lives” I would go around the house interviewing everyone throughout the night making sure they were having the best night ever.

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Joshua began to say that this weekend was going to be the best weekend of our lives and I just laughed thinking that he was going to make a video in response to the one I did a few years ago, but then little butterfly’s appeared in my stomach fluttering at the thought of a proposal! I didn’t want to get my hopes up so I tried my best to silence them! We finally arrived at the property and parked the RV down by the barn where we usually camp. Josh wanted to have us ride together on the dirt bike up to the “hippy house” (a cute cabin on the property where everyone meets up at night) where there is an outlook point of the lake to get a picture with the sunset. On our way up there a good friend of ours spotted us riding by and jammed past us doing a wheelie on his dirt bike.

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When we got there, there were a few people enjoying the view so Josh suggested we go to the “Rock Wall” where there is a higher lookout point to get our picture. We found a perfect spot for a picture so he went to go lay the dirt bike up against a tree. I was looking out at the gorgeous lake taking in all of the beauty when he quietly says my name. I turn around and he is on one knee with the most beautiful diamond ring I have ever seen asking me to be his wife.

Image 6 of Erin and Joshua

Instant tears are streaming down my cheeks and my voice jumps to the highest octave you can imagine as I say “are you serious?! YES!!!” he slides the beautiful ring on my finger and we hold each other crying tears of joy. The happiest day of our lives, so far. The weekend was surrounded by our friends all celebrating our love and having a perfect time on Moonshine Ranch.

Image 7 of Erin and Joshua