Erin and Joseph

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How We Met

Volleyball. That is the link between my fiancé and myself. This sport has guided and changed our lives as individuals and has brought us together to show us the greatest love of our lives. Joseph & I met at a staff retreat in Colorado Springs, both employees of USA Volleyball. Joe was based in Southern California as a coach with the Women’s Olympic team and I was coordinating logistics for the Youth and Junior National Teams in Colorado Springs.

There was an instant spark between us. We went on our first date while in Colorado, Joe changed his flight to stopover in Denver to have dinner together, and we flew to see each other whenever we were able over the 10 months we dated long distance.

After Joe’s busy summer of travel, we decided to move in together. I left Colorado Springs to begin another chapter of our epic love story. Since moving together, we have been fortunate to travel around the world together. However, there is one place and one trip that will forever remain so uniquely special.

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how they asked

This past October, Joe and I traveled to China for work. We had one full day to travel to and explore the great city of Beijing. We decided to tour the majestic & overwhelmingly beautiful Forbidden City. Joe and I meandered through The Forbidden City most of the morning and afternoon. Joe had mentioned earlier that he wanted to take one really good picture together & we could ask someone inside to take it. I agreed without a thought.

Joe found the perfect location. We stared up at what is called “The Gate of Supreme Harmony”. This gate is laden with flowers and an awesome marble staircase. Joe went off to search for someone to take a picture of us from the bottom.

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He found a nice couple who agreed to take our picture. Joe came running up the stairs with a smile on his face. He reached me and I grabbed his side to pose for the picture. He grabbed my shoulders so sweetly & turned me toward him. At this moment, my stomach jumped into my throat.

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He looked into my eyes and said so many sweet words to me with the most genuine smile I had ever seen. He expressed how much he has loved traveling the world with me & how he would like to do that for the rest of our lives. He got down on one knee at the top of the staircase & asked if I would marry him. I agreed a thousand times over, although I was sure I was dreaming.

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I could not be more excited to marry this wonderful, kind, adventurous man.

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