Erin and Joseph

How We Met: We met in college (sort of)… Joey and I were introduced by our mutual friend, Jake at a country bar (fittingly) in Orlando. That first night we met, Joey asked me to slow dance with him to a song that will soon be our first dance song at our wedding. The next four and a half years we grew deeper in love and built an amazing life together surrounded by friends and family. We both graduated and started our careers, had countless trips and adventures together and then were engaged on July 11, 2014! Ever since our engagement life has been even more of a whirlwind and we’re enjoying every second of the ride. Since moving from Orlando, Joey’s travel nursing has taken us to DC, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, New York, Chicago, Denver, Breckenridge and soon Tucson. Now we’re excited to embark on our biggest adventure yet — married life!

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how they asked: I have always said that when someone proposed to me, I wanted to be super surprised! And surprised I was — one after another, after another. It seems like the whole world knew about Joey’s epic proposal plan for months, but nobody ever said a word. Sneaky sneaky. Thank you all so much for keeping the best secret of my life. So here’s the story….

The Blue Angels Airshow weekend in Pensacola has been a family tradition my entire life. Taylor and I always looked forward to it just as much, if not more than Christmas morning. The past couple of years I would come home from college and bring Joey and some of our friends for the weekend. So (I thought) 2014 wouldn’t be any different. We planned a trip up for Blues weekend and rented a condo on the beach with friends from Orlando. It began as a classic Blues weekend — boating, partying, fishing, watching the airshow and having a fabulous time. After the show finished that Friday we all hopped back on the boat and headed (I thought) back to the condo. For some reason everyone was stalling and wanted to grab drinks and go hangout at Fort Mcree beach. So we did.

When we get there Joey asks if I want to go for a walk on the beach. Should I have been suspicious — yes, duh Erin! But nope, me and my oblivious mind didn’t suspect a thing. As were walking, Taylor and Steven were apparently trailing behind us like water ninjas trying to stay out of sight, but close enough to snap a photo when Joey proposed. After walking a bit, I asked to turn around (not part of the plan) and Tay and Steven had to dive behind a boat parked nearby to stay hidden. One minute we were walking along the shore and the next Joey pulls me close so that I turn around to face him and tells me he has a serious question he wants to ask me. *And this is where I start to catch on.*

He begins to tell me how much he loves me, love our adventures together and wants to spend the rest of his life with me. I then saw the man I love drop to one knee, then blacked out, said YES at some point, nearly passed out (I was SO shocked) then kissed and hugged my adorably teary eyed fiancé! When we turned around (still very dazed) Tay and Steven jumped out from behind the boat where they were hiding and everyone cheered! Our story could’ve ended here and I would’ve still been blissfully happy. After all, I was marrying the man who I love more than I ever thought possible and was wearing the most beautiful ring, designed by him. I was already on cloud nine, overwhelmed, surprised out of my mind and crazy happy. But the surprises didn’t stop there, not even close….

When we all take the boat back to the condo (with my sisters’ hilariously perfect “engagement playlist” blaring over the boat speakers), I walk back to the condo to find a surprise engagement party with tons of our Pensacola friends and family in attendance! Then even more friends from Orlando who drove up and surprised Joey and I both! My heart about burst from all the thought and planning that went into such an elaborate surprise. It was perfect :) After spending the next day celebrating and watching the airshow again with so many loved ones, it was time to head home. This is where one last surprised awaited us! When we opened our front door we were greeted by bride and groom flips flops, a pathway of beach sand and flower petals scattered through-out our house and beautiful engagement gifts in the living room. Our great friends, the Herrmann’s had completely decorated our house for our return and put the sweetest cherry on top of an incredible weekend.

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