Erin and Jeff

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how we met

We actually met through a mutual friend 7 years ago at TCNJ. Jeff had a class with my best friend, who introduced us at a Jersey Shore themed party that we hosted. On his way out, he asked me for my number as I was washing my feet because they were dirty from walking around the house barefoot; how romantic! A few weeks later, we went on our first date and it has been the most amazing 7 years of our lives.

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how they asked

This past November, we went on a trip to Ireland with my dad and brother. Jeff spent the entire first day with the ring in his pocket and a plan to propose, but just didn’t find the perfect place.

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My dad had taken a trip to Ireland a few weeks back and mentioned that the best part of his trip was a horse and buggy ride to Ross Castle, which wasn’t on our original itinerary. We made time for it the next morning. After a 45 minute ride through a beautiful forest, we got to the castle and saw the most beautiful double rainbow; breathtaking! As Jeff was looking for the perfect spot, the sun disappeared and it started to pour. On our way back to the buggy, Jeff stopped me to take a picture. Little did I know, he had handed the phone to my Dad who was filming the entire time.

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Jeff pulled me in to face him and that is when he proposed. His words were a blur because of all our emotions, and the rain made it the most romantic proposal I could have ever wished for.

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