Erin and Jeff

How We Met

Jeff and I met at a camp in July of 2018. I was a baker and he was making sure people stayed alive. Jeff had a girlfriend at the time and I had a crush on a guy I didn’t know much about. Regardless, we put our heads down and worked hard for the sake of kids. We quite literally lived a few steps away from each other and worked in the same building for a month but interacted twice. I remember him being called “Cute Head Leader Jeff” and saw him walking through the kitchen wearing Lulu Lemon sweatpants on a 100-degree day, scrunched my face in confusion and then got back to the sopapillas. When we actually spoke it was weird and short: the first I was wearing donut pants (credit my best friend and the photographer of these photos) and looked “miserable” as he greeted me on his way through and the next I went to the pool and said “hi” to the girl sitting next to him, gave him a slight grin and promptly fell asleep on a chair.

Five months passed while he broke up with his girlfriend and I ditched the hopeless love for the boy I didn’t know, all without a thought of each other. It was a season of finding ourselves again and we are so glad we weren’t with each other for that. In October we ended up on the same group page on our company’s website. He took notice and that was thought 1. He remembered I said I liked baseball and ballpark nachos in our camp staff introductions, as a baseball player himself apparently that was noteworthy. Another month went by and we ended up at the same training for our work amongst hundreds of others and were on opposite sides of a Florida resort with no reason to see one another. Somehow we ran into each other (according to Jeff) seven times. (Thoughts 2-9). One was a big hello to said pool girl and a knee jerk reaction to give Jeff a hug too because I wanted to be a kind human. The next was a cringe acoustic dance party I was escaping before he stopped me on the way out to ask where I was going, confused and awkward I replied “I’m going to get lit!” now embarrassed yet clueless I ran away and went back to the hotel lobby to play a board game (it was very lit, okay). Everything else was apparently brief enough for me to forget. We left, me back to Texas and Jeff to Michigan. Life went on for me.

He went to another training where my name was brought up by a friend in conversation (thought 10) and that was the tipping point for Jeff to shoot his shot. That’s when I woke up to a Facebook message and had to convince myself it was not 2010. Jeff asked me a question about work and yet again I was naive enough to simply share my Google Drive folder with him and keep on with my day. He realized he would need to make his intentions VERY clear to get me to catch on. After a few messages back and forth he asked me on a date. Obviously, a bit confused since we lived in two different time zones, but he told me to go to my favorite coffee shop and he would go to his and we would FaceTime to get to know each other more. I was scared to see anyone I knew, nervously sweat or “flirt” too loudly so I stayed home and he later regretted going in public where he ran into 3 people he knew throughout the conversation. He explained that his mom worked for an airline so he landed free flights and quickly asked “well, can I come and take you on a date next Friday?” and just like that, it was set. The day before he came into town was Valentine’s Day and he sent me a bouquet of flowers so the stakes were high. I nearly passed out on my way to pick him up from the airport.

Quickly after I smashed chips and salsa into my face, sat close (but not too close) to him at an underground jazz club, forced him to hold my hand when he wasn’t catching the hint, got caught on a walk by a man playing “Kiss The Girl” on his violin, both laughed after a woman fell and tumbled down a hill nearly falling into the Riverwalk (she was okay) and ended the night with our first kiss… note it was my first kiss EVER, so really the night wrapped up with me apologizing and him just laughing kindly. That night started off what would be the greatest plot twist of our lives. We figured out long-distance with a quick weekend visit each month, he met my family at my brother’s engagement party, I met his in a much more normal way, we had many afternoons playing cards and by May he found himself in a job interview that would land him a spot in the same organization just 10 minutes away from me. In August he made the move and we have been living the dream- the messy, hard, beautiful, redemptive, and joyful dream. We got engaged in November and are getting married this May. As I write this I am full of gratitude to be able to look up and see the man I adore and respect sitting right across from me. We don’t know much of what the future holds but we never have and it’s turned out pretty sweet so far.

How They Asked

Jeff and I flew out to Seattle, Washington for a long weekend to spend time with my best friends from college. I had always dreamt of a surprise proposal in the mountains, but Jeff had completely thrown me off as to think there was no way he was proposing during our time in Seattle. Little did I know he had been scheming with my best friends since August!

Erin's Proposal in Snoqualmie Pass, Washington

Erin and Jeff's Engagement in Snoqualmie Pass, Washington

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Snoqualmie Pass, Washington

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Snoqualmie Pass, Washington

On our first night in Seattle, my two best friends Brooke and Mollie suggested that we catch the sunset at Snoqualmie Pass. Of course, I thought nothing of this and was all for exploring the mountains. Their husbands and my soon-to-be fiance left a little before us to “grab firewood”. Right before us girls left, Mollie handed me the journal Jeff and I use to write each other letters. I was completely shocked and opened it to find a letter from Jeff explaining how he wanted to marry me. Cue the tears. We hopped in the car and Mollie drove us to the spot Jeff was waiting for me. There he got down on one knee, I cried of joy, and we were engaged! It was a night full of intentional details (letters, flowers, my dream ring, and the most epic proposal backdrop) and a complete surprise.

Special Thanks

Mollie Adams
 | Photographer