Erin and Jacob

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How We Met

Erin I and met on the intramural football field at East Texas Baptist University. I was playing flag football on a staff team, and I couldn’t take my eyes off this cute girl who was reffing our game. That very night I ran into her on campus and jumped at the chance to introduce myself, meet her face to face, and shake her hand. A few months later, at a campus Christmas party I was putting on, Erin told my co-worker and close friend that “Jacob Setser is a GIFT from GOD.” Unknown to her, my friend came to me immediately with the breaking news. This was my chance! I prayed for the Lord’s guidance and will to be done in my life, and begged Him for a chance to ask this beautiful lady on a coffee date. Erin began hanging out around my office and residence hall on campus, and we saw each other almost every night at intramural games, but I just couldn’t find the right opportunity to ask her out. But then by the grace of God, one magical day Erin walked right into my office completely alone and sat down on January 27, 2016. I slowly shut my laptop and when the small talk died down, told her that I had a question for her…and just like that I asked her on a date to the Foundry Coffee House in Tyler, Texas. She told me how fun that sounded and said yes! Just two days later on January 29, we went on our first date. And the rest is history!

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how they asked

As you now know, Erin and I’s first date was to the Foundry Coffee House in Tyler. Because of this, the Foundry was easily the most memorable and special place to us throughout our dating relationship. So with no hesitation, my first and final idea for the proposal was to do it at the Foundry. Once I finally decided on a date, December 11, I began my secret preparations. I contacted my friend at the Foundry to reserve the space for the night so it would be just Erin and I in the shop.

I emailed our closest friends and family. And I made the 2 hour trip (twice) to Dallas to purchase the ring. Josh and I agreed to let the both of us in that night after close around 6:00 PM to be “baristas for the night,” and my proposal would go from there. All of my secret guests would be in the back of the shop in a gathering room, ready for us after the proposal. We arrived on December 11 at 6:15 PM and Josh showed us the ropes behind the bar, letting us pull shots of espresso and pour lattes. Finally, the time came for me to propose when Erin and I were brewing a Chemex. But when it came time to pour it, I pulled out some special mugs my mother had made, and asked her to pour the coffee.

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The mugs said on one, “let’s have coffee together…” and on the other, “for the rest of our lives.” It was at this moment when Erin said “no way,” “are you serious,” and “this is really happening!?” I said “yes it really is dear,” and proceeded with the proposal.

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I took Erin over to the table where we sat on our first date and laid out pictures of us throughout our dating relationship. On each picture, I had written on it reasons why I wanted to marry Erin. I then opened a journal and read her a letter I had written for her the night before. And finally, I walked over to my jacket and pulled out the ring. “Erin I have something to ask you,” I said as I held her hands and told her again how much I was committed to marrying her. I dropped my knee right in the middle of the Foundry and when I dropped my knee, I had one of our favorite songs playing in the shop, “He’s Always Been Faithful.” It is a song we listen to often, because it is a beautiful reminder of the Gospel and how faithful the Lord has been to us looking back, especially to bring the two of us together. It was then that I asked Erin to marry me and she said YES!

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We hugged as I told her that I had one last surprise for her and walked her to the back of the shop. I opened the door to all of our guests for the last surprise of the night, the engagement party. We celebrated for the rest of the night with tacos and with a full coffee bar – I had arranged for the baristas to stay afterwards and serve each of our guests the drinks of their choice. My favorite people and I had our favorite coffee shop to ourselves for the night. This was truly a night to remember, our favorite to be exact…at least thus far.

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