Erin and Jack

How We Met

We met at primary school (year 5). We didn’t date until around year 8 of high school. We broke up within a week because we were so young! Got back together with a while later, dated for a couple of weeks, broke up again haha.

Finally, in year 12, we decided to officially start dating.. but for real this time! Still together today.

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How They Asked

We were on holiday with his mother, she had moved to where they always holidayed growing up. We had visited quite a few times so I wasn’t expecting anything.

We have a DJI drone that we fly around at the beaches and take photos with. It has 3 batteries – 1 each, 1 shared. Jack had his go with his battery, now my turn – yay! Halfway through my turn though, Jack asked that I get off it or handed it to him .. what. No way was I only using half of my battery!! We ended up in a full-scale argument at 5 am on the beach hahaha!

I eventually put it down and set my phone up (on Jack’s request who never wants to do photos). He asked me to go for a quick walk and then he got down on one knee and the rest is history! I was completely shocked, I said yes but then kept saying “get up you’re getting all wet”, he literally did not care.

while walking back to our seats, we could see an elderly man watching the whole thing unfold hahahah! It was quite surreal.

It was the best 5 am beach visit I’ll always remember & cherish. 💍💕☀️

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