Erin and Grant's Sweet Proposal Idea in Houston

Sweet Proposal Idea in HoustonIt was a Saturday morning, the weekend before my Birthday week. I woke up to a huge bouquet of flowers with a card and my favorite Starbucks pumpkin coffee on the nightstand. The card enclosed a note explaining to me to get ready for a day filled with Birthday surprises.

The day started off with manicures for both of us at a local spa. I had been begging him for a year to get a manicure with me so the fact that he enjoyed it was an extra plus. We then headed to lunch at the Downtown Houston Aquarium.

After lunch we enjoyed the Ferris wheel ride and a tour of the Aquarium Down Under. Before we left he had asked me if anyone had ever tried to win me a Carnival prize and I told him no. He then of course attempted twice to win be a prize and it was the cutest gesture in the world. Third try was the winner and I walked away with a prized penguin.

On our way home he explained to me that we should start getting ready for dinner but before dinner we had one more stop on our list and to be ready by 5:45. I didn’t think twice about it and got ready!

On our way to the restaurant we pulled up to our last stop. The Gerald D. Hines Waterwall Park had been something we’ve both talked about stopping at but never made the plans. So I was excited to walk around and look at the gorgeous Wall Water fall.


Sweet Proposal Idea in Houston


We stood side by side and the rest was a blur the moment he got on one knee. I remember reaching to kiss him and not saying yes leaving him to ask me again. I burst into tears and said yes.  A couple of people came up to us to congratulate us. Once we calmed down we headed to my favorite restaurant Seasons 52. The hostess led us to the back of the restaurant and the moment I walked towards our table it registered to me that my entire family and his were sitting there waiting for our arrival. I burst into tears when Grant pulled me to him saying that they didn’t know he popped the question tonight. I screamed “I’m engaged” and my entire family ran towards me. My grandparents hugged me crying. It was the most magical moment of my life. The fact that he gave me the opportunity to tell them our exciting news and to surprise them as well couldn’t have been more romantic. I am so excited to announce that I will be the Future Mrs. Allen and I’m marrying the man of my dreams.

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To add onto the romance, he surpised me with my last Birthday present of the evening. A photographer was present from the moment we walked up to the Waterfall to the moment we left. Thank you Grant for making this the most perfect engagement.