Erin and George

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How We Met

George and I swiped right. My profile said “I am just looking for someone to do the ending scene to ‘Dirty Dancing’ with. George messaged me that we have to go on a date because he did the physics (he is a scientist) and our bodies are the perfect fit to do the famous lift flawlessly. We met on 11/11/2015 at a local speakeasy style bar in Chicago’s Lincoln Park neighborhood called The Barrelhouse Flat. We talked for hours, I almost missed the event I strategically planned for after the date in case he was a dud and I needed an excuse to leave. He was far from a dud. Our conversations included aliens, alternate dimensions, and past lives. We were enamored with each other and knew this was the start of something very special.

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how they asked

We live across the street from the Lincoln Park Zoo and go almost every day to visit the animals. We are members and every year the zoo puts on something called ‘Zoo Lights’ around the holidays. The day after Thanksgiving of 2017, my family, George and I decided to go get a drink in the city before heading home. George wanted to go to zoo lights after because he said we were meeting his friend. I was annoyed because I was cold and in heels. I should have known something was up, he was stress eating and checking his phone constantly.

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He told my family to wait by the entrance and lead me to where his friend was supposed to be. We got to a light filled secluded part of the zoo where a guard was waiting. He let us into a secured, dark spot and what felt like a hundred lights popped on with one large one all in purple with the words “Will You Marry Me?”.

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I turned around and there was George, on one knee. My family was waiting around the corner and a friend helped take photos. He had plenty of champagne and friends waiting to surprise us back at our house to celebrate. Best night ever!!

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