Erin and Dustin

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How We Met

Dustin and I went to high school together, but our paths didn’t quite cross until our senior year. We were in the same broadcast news class, and that’s where we became fast friends. We instantly connected over our shared love of movies, music, and Disneyland (I bought an annual pass again just to go with him more), and from then on we shared everything together.

We didn’t actually start dating until the end of college. We went to different schools. I moved about an hour away, and he was nearby our hometown. But somehow, I always managed to find an excuse to come back home and see him. Finally, after we went together to a big concert on campus, Dustin asked me to be his girlfriend, and I’ve been with my best friend ever since.

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How They Asked

After a long pandemic that kept us confined to our apartment, we were excited to finally book a trip to Maui! I had everything all planned and booked up, but Dustin had a surprise up his sleeve. We spent the first few days swimming in waterfalls, hiking, and eating the best food. One night, he told me he had made reservations for a nice restaurant, and he wanted to get dressed up and go to the beach before dinner. My spidey senses were tingling, but I went along with it (canceling our other reservations for the evening).

We drove out to a beautiful secluded beach right at sunset. He took me over to a gorgeous rock wall, and he put our things down in the sand so we could watch the waves crash. We stood a moment in silence, holding each other, then Dustin got down on one knee… and proposed! All I remember saying was “YES!” and then “WHAT?!” about a million times. Dustin had also secretly hired a photographer, who was covertly keeping her distance until this point. I could not believe how perfect everything was.

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After the swell of excitement (and when I finally stopped crying), Dustin told me we actually had more time before our reservation so that we could Facetime our parents–who all knew and were awaiting our call! Our Maui trip could not have been more perfect.

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