Erin and Dominic

How We Met

I was working at Willoughby Red Robin with Dominic’s cousin and became really good friends with her while working there together. There was a Zac Brown Band concert on September 29, 2012 that she asked me to go with her if I wanted to and I said I did and would love to go. She then went on Twitter and said who wants to go to the ZBB concert. Dominic saw this and messaged back saying that he would want to go too with us. Since Dominic and I had never met before and to not be awkward at the concert together I suggested that we meet before the concert. So we all met at Willoughby Paninis for dinner and that’s when we were introduced to each other. And then after that we both asked his cousin for each other’s number and started talking here and there and then he asked me to go on a date with him. And we went on a few dates before the actual concert and continued talking a lot. Then the day of the concert finally came and we had such a great time together at it and afterwards when we got back to his house he asked me to be his girlfriend. So the day of the concert is our actual anniversary which is how we met which I love makes our anniversary even more special.

How They Asked

It was our seven year anniversary and we were going to the Cheesecake Factory for dinner which is where we always go for our anniversary (our tradition). So after dinner we were taking pictures and then when we were done I said ok let’s go home but then he stopped me and pulled out a ring box and got down on his knee and asked me to marry him, be his wife, and spend forever with him. We had talked about getting engaged for awhile and talking about our wedding but I was still very surprised when he got down on his knee. He didn’t make any plans for the proposal really he was just waiting for the right special moment for us. Our anniversary was on a Sunday and he was actually carrying the ring box on Saturday as well while we were out all day but didn’t feel right to him to ask me that day. I think he knew that proposing to me on our anniversary would be extra special for us. When we would talk about getting engaged we said to not propose on holidays, our birthdays, and our anniversary because I really wanted to be surprised so he knew I wasn’t expecting it at all. So I am really really happy he chose to propose to me on our anniversary it was the perfect, special, right moment and I will always remember that moment. So yes I was very surprised when he asked me (even tho knowing eventually he was going to ask me) but it was more of a this is a finally happening for real feeling and really knowing officially that we both want the same thing to be married to each other and spend forever together.



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