Erin and David

how we met

Erin and I worked in a shared kitchen. I worked for a company that used the kitchen early in the morning, and she worked for a company that started when I would finish my shift. My cousin worked with me in the morning, then would stay and help out with the other company. My cousin knew that I was single, and knew that Erin was single, and decided to play matchmaker. For weeks, I would try to work up the courage to talk to Erin, but could never manage to say anything to her. Then my cousin started to help out and passed along the message that I thought Erin was cute. That started a game of me telling my cousin something, and my cousin relaying it to Erin, and then back and forth. After a few weeks, everything seemed to come together, and we had a group hangout. Erin, Erin’s best friend, my cousin, her friend, and myself all went out and just hung out and had a great time, and that’s when o figured out I wanted to ask Erin out on a date.

how they asked

The proposal went as smoothly as anyone could’ve planned. I decorated our apartment with string lights, and made one of Erin’s favorite meals. After dinner, I asked Erin to join me on the couch, and then I told her how much she meant to me and how much I loved her and then pulled out the ring and asked her to marry me.

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