Erin and Dalton

IMG_1841How We Met: Dalton and I are both from Alberta, Canada, but we met all the way over in Friedrichshafen, Germany while attending Bodenseehof Bible School. I remember the first time he talked to me, my face was beyond red! He asked to come on a run with me, which made me immediately start sweating. “What’s this guys motive?” Was all I could think, he never ran at school before and we barely talked. Two weeks later we finally went on that run together and I assumed this was for exercise purposes so when he showed with no headphones I asked him why he didn’t bring them. Being completely oblivious that this was just a way to get to know me better. Luckily his roommate was in the same room and convinced me not to bring my headphones. So the whole 3.5 miles he was asking me questions and making jokes while I was trying to hide the fact I couldn’t breathe!

The run led to coffee which led to sitting with each other before lectures, to walks and bike rides, that all led up to a pier overlooking the cutest little town, Immenstadt, where he asked me to be his girlfriend

how they asked: About two weeks ago he asked me to go to Lethbridge with him to help with a photo shoot (there was no photo shoot). I work on the weekends so I wasn’t sure if I would be able to go, what I didn’t know was that he talked to one of my bosses to make sure I got the time off. The “photo shoot” was on Sunday so on Saturday we decided to go hike Bears Hump in Waterton with his brother Jerritt, and one of my roommates from Bode, Shandryn. They knew the whole time what would happen at the top! So we set off early Saturday morning with his family and Shandryn in tow to arrive at Waterton with the wind howling, rain trickling, and fog blocking our view. We stopped at a restaurant to use the restrooms and when we came out, the ran had stopped and the fog had lifted! So we grabbed our gear, which included an old style army green lunch box which they led me to believe was Shandryn’s, and off we went. After an hour of climbing, slipping, and falling we reached the top to see the most beautiful view.


After taking some pictures we set out the blanket and sat down to have some “tasty snacks” but when I opened the lunch box there was indeed, no tasty snacks.


Instead I found a beautiful arrangement of pictures from throughout our relationship, fake snow, our first Christmas ornament, and a picture frame with our first picture together and a map of where we were that had written on it, “Where It All Began”.


Underneath all this is was a burlap pouch with the ring box inside. By now I’m freaking out and practically throw it at him! He gets down on one knee and says, “I met you all the way across the world and I love you so much, I want to spend the rest of my life with you. I thank God for giving me an angel. Erin Anderson, will you marry me?”

IMG_1807 IMG_1811 IMG_1815 IMG_1830 IMG_1847

Before he finishes I’m screaming YES YES I WILL! From Germany to here, our story begins.

Thank you to Shandryn Slomp for capturing the beginning of it!!