Erin and Brody

How We Met

Brody and I met at a bonfire during high school; after exchanging some MySpace messages and meeting for a first date at Baskin Robbins it seems we haven’t left each other’s side since. From the beginning, Brody reminded me so much of my dad and grandpa I felt like I had loved him before I ever knew him. After a motorcycle accident last year left Brody with an amputated leg and in a coma for nearly a month, we have learned a new way to appreciate our relationship and time together.

Proposal Ideas Domaine Carneros, Napa, California

Erin's Proposal in Domaine Carneros, Napa, California

When you have doctors telling you Brody may never wake up, and less than a year later he gets the chance to propose to you on one knee, it has felt like our life has come full circle. From getting to purchase the Galia Lahav dress of my dreams from one of my closest friends Nicole at Kinsley James in Walnut Creek to find the sweetest venue in Livermore, this entire experience has been worth every trying moment we have been through. We were meant to go through our darkest times together so that we may truly appreciate the light ahead, forever.

how they asked

After 9 years of dating you kind of always hope when you go somewhere pretty it might be THE day, right? It was my 26th birthday and I wanted to go to Domaine Carneros in Napa for champagne tasting with some of our closest friends. When we pulled up it was the most beautiful building… I think I was so distracted by the property I had no idea Brody was preparing to propose.

As we took a photo in front of the main building Brody popped the question and I think all I could say was.. is this real life? Lol. It goes by so fast I wish I could have stayed in that moment forever. We had been through so much in the past year it seemed that it made that moment so much sweeter.

Special Thanks

Catherine Leanne
 | Photography