Erin and Benjamin


How We Met

We met at Pine Cove Christian Camp in Tyler, Texas at the start of the summer in 2014. We had both been hired at The Bluffs Family Camp and were being trained as lifeguards for the summer. He caught my eye the first week we met, and I couldn’t keep my eyes off of him!! We only had two weeks together before we were separated – he was working the first half of the summer while I worked the second. God really worked in our hearts those short two weeks. We wrote letters to each other all summer long, and the day before the first day of school that fall, he made it official!

how they asked

Fast forward two years and a few months, we were having a hard time getting to spend quality time together without or friends and family. He suggested we go to Enchanted Rock, a place that I went to several times growing up but that he had never been before. I had a feeling something might be coming, but with him being so calm and collected I had 100% given up hope. Little did I know, his roommate and best friends were already waiting at the top of the rock for my little camp crush to turn into my forever! When we got to the top of the rock, he took my hands in his and told me how much he loved me and how he couldn’t wait to spend his life with me.


I couldn’t believe this moment I had been waiting my entire life for was happening right NOW in front of me. He made my dreams come true that day, and we have been absolutely giddy ever since…WE ARE ENGAGED!!!



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