Erin and Alex

How We Met

It all started during the summer of 2012 when Alex and I both worked as counselors at Kanakuk Kamps. Although we met several times throughout the summer, we didn’t seem to be on each other’s “radar” yet. People kept introducing us to each other because we both went to Mizzou.

The day I left kamp at the end of the summer, I received a Facebook message saying, “”Hey sorry for not saying bye or getting your number, text me sometime!” Of course I thought he was a cute, sweet guy—so I texted him! Joke’s on me…he gave me the wrong number!! (He says it was an accident wink emoticon). Soon after, we went on our first date to the movies and out for ice cream. The rest really is “history.” We’ve hung out almost every day since that first date! I knew he was something special because we never got sick of each other and I loved spending time with him no matter what we were doing. A few months later, he asked me out under the Big Tree in Columbia, MO (November 29th, 2012). I’m forever thankful for that day!

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how they asked

During the summer of 2015, Alex was working at Kanakuk—the camp where we met in 2012. I drove down to visit him one weekend in June with my friend, Morgan. I was staying in the chapel, and getting ready for a “double date” (so I thought). My friend, Sarah, came to get me and said she wanted to hang out with me at the party Kanakuk was having that night. I told her I had to wait for Alex because it was his night off and he’d be picking me up for our date. A few minutes later, I received a text from Alex saying he was going to be late—so I went with Sarah. We hung out and talked to friends for a bit, then were all asked to walk up to the football field for a “game.”

We walked to the field and joined 450+ campers who were all waiting for the “game” to start. A few minutes later, a helicopter flew overhead, circling us a few times. Initially, I thought someone was hurt because usually a helicopter at camp isn’t a good sign. Sarah insisted that we make it to the front of the crowd. I noticed there were hay bales lined up forming an aisle; yet I still didn’t suspect what was about to happen. Still clueless. The helicopter landed and Alex stepped out. He began walking across the football field toward me! I stood there, in shock, not really believing what I was seeing. When he got close enough, Alex dropped down on one knee and asked me to MARRY HIM! Of course I said, “yes”! As I was hugging him, I noticed my family and friends were surrounding me. They had made the trip all the way down to Branson to witness everything! That was so very special to me. We took pictures and celebrated with fireworks, hugs and tears as I was still trying to take it all in.

Next, Alex said we needed to hurry because the helicopter had to leave soon to get us to our next destination. WHAT? If that grand entrance wasn’t enough, we get to FLY TO DINNER!?! I hopped into the helicopter with my new fiancé, and waved goodbye to 450 cheering campers, family and friends. It truly felt like a fairy tale! We landed for dinner at the Chateau on the Lake. (As a side note, Alex had my favorite song playing throughout the entire proposal, and even in the helicopter headset!) At dinner, I ordered a salad but could barely eat a bite—I was still in shock! When dinner ended, I thought the beautifully-planned proposal was over…nope. A limo was outside waiting to take us from dinner to an engagement party with a lot of sweet family and friends. He did good. To this day, when I try to explain my proposal, I find it hard to believe what I’m even saying! It was so well thought out, precious and so…Alex! Go big or go home, I guess?!

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