Erin and Alex

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How We Met

Alex and I have been friends since we met through friends at age fourteen. We have always had a playful friendship and we managed to keep in touch throughout high school and college. A few years after college, we met for drinks to catch up…and we’ve been together ever since!

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In 2016, we became “pei-rents” to our Chinese Shar Pei, Ginny. She has been our obsession, and a big part of our relationship over the past year.

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how they asked

Last Christmas, Alex surprised me with a trip to Key West, Florida. The trip was planned over my school spring break, and I was extremely excited, as we had not had a get away in quite a while. On the second day of the trip this April, we woke up and Alex told me he had a surprise activity…we were going skydiving! I was so excited, as we had skydived once together before and I absolutely loved it. We drove to Sugar loaf Key, got our harnesses all secured, and boarded a very very tiny plane!

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After riding 10,000+ feet in the air, I watched Alex jumped out of a plane right in front of me! I quickly followed behind, and enjoyed the most beautiful view of the Florida Keys as I floated down. As my jump came to an end, I saw something large and white on the ground at the landing spot. At first, I thought it was his parachute laid out. As we got closer, I saw the word “marry,” and then finally could read the sign that said “Erin ‘Wheels,’ Will You Marry Me?” I was in shock, and when we landed, I ran across the field to him and watched him get down on one knee. It was the best adventure I could have ever imagined.

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