Erin and Alex

How We Met

Alex and I met our freshman year at James Madison University. We both have different stories for when we officially met. Alex recalls our first introduction in January of 2013. I had come over to his dorm room in Shenandoah Hall, to see a high school friend who was visiting his roommate. I paid little, to no, attention to the boy still in bed at 7 pm due to his prior night’s festivities. Whereas Alex was smitten and remember’s asking his roommate if I was seeing anyone at the time. Our first true introduction was in April of 2013. We were set up by my big and Alex’s freshman orientation guide, aka FrOG, (shout out: Victoria Winkler) for our spring formal. The weekend before the formal, we ran into each other while hanging out with mutual friends. We clicked instantly and have been having fun together ever since!

Erin and Alex's Engagement in Machu Picchu

How They Asked

Alex and I planned a 6-day hike to the top of Machu Picchu. We shared backpacks and bags the whole trip so I had no idea what he was planning once we got to the top. Alex was actually sick the morning of so we almost didn’t go up to the top of the mountain but Alex insisted he was fine. Once at the top, he had me take some pictures by myself then told me to turn around to act like I was looking over the scenic views. I thought this was silly but our tour guide also insisted. After a few seconds, I turned back around to see if they got the shot and there Alex was on one knee. I was so surprised but immediately said yes!!

Erin's Proposal in Machu Picchu

Where to Propose in Machu Picchu

Special Thanks

Edwin Cusi
 | Tour Guide and took the pictures during the moment