Erin and Adam

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How We Met: We have been together for over 5 years and met while we were students at James Madison University in Harrisonburg, Virginia. When we started dating Adam had been my best friend who I reluctantly un-friend zoned (I was so afraid something would go wrong and I’d lose my friend!). It was worth the risk though, as our friendship easily transitioned into our relationship. Adam graduated a year before me, but took a job in Harrisonburg to stay with me through my last year of college and grad school. When I graduated in 2014 we moved back to be closer to our families and start our careers and life together in Northern Virginia.

how they asked: On April 8 this past year, Adam and I decided to take the day off of work and spend the day together to celebrate our 5 year anniversary. We planned to go into Washington DC to do touristy things, like see the cherry blossoms and the different monuments on the Mall. We had planned the day months in advance and I was really excited for it, though I didn’t know what to expect from the day.

Adam had been acting really weird lately and brushed off any conversation about marriage. Since we are young I wasn’t too worried about it and knew it was somewhere in our future, but Adam had me convinced that we wouldn’t be getting married anytime soon. Leading up to our anniversary Adam had also been teasing me that he hadn’t gotten me a gift that year, which is really out of character for him since we love to give gifts to one another. It is safe to say I had no idea what would happen.

That day the weather was dreary. It was cold and rainy, not what you hope for in April. Adam had announced multiple times that he was dressing up nicely for me for our day trip and that I should do the same. He said that since he rarely gets dressed up that he wanted to look nice for me on our day. I dressed up too, even though it was way too cold for it. When we got into the city, it was cold and muddy. I was trying to be optimistic but I was really just cold. Adam was insistent though about us going to walk around the Mall so I went along with it.

A few weeks earlier while mapping out this day, Adam found the 56 Signers of the Declaration of Independence Memorial online. He was pretty obsessed with it after that, saying he had never noticed the island in the water before and that he wanted to go see it. So on that day Adam and I basically ran past all of the other monuments that I had thought we’d stop and see and raced toward this island.

He was in such a hurry, and I remember thinking he was acting so strange. When we finally did make it down to the island it was a really beautiful spot. We were walking near the water and it seemed like all of the other people around the Mall had disappeared. No one was there but us. Us and a man sitting on a park bench watching us. I felt a little nervous about the guy, but quickly forgot about him when Adam pulled me across the bridge and onto the island.

It was the perfect spot. We had a view of the Washington Monument and all of the blooming trees. At this moment all I could do was take it all in. I had a feeling suddenly that this was it, that Adam was proposing. But I was so nervous it wasn’t the case at all and I was making it up in my head. I couldn’t look at him! Adam kept trying to talk to me and get me to look at him but I was so afraid the moment would pass and that I would be wrong. Adam finally made me look at him and then he said to me, “I lied when I said I didn’t get you a gift.

But it’s less of a gift and more of a question.” Then he got down on one knee and asked me to marry him!

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I was so shocked and so happy! It took me a few minutes to actually even put the ring on because I couldn’t believe it was happening!

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The man who had been watching us earlier turned out to be a photographer, the fantastic Matt Sprague of Matt Sprague Photography, who had captured the entire moment on camera. I tell Adam that I would have loved anything he gave me, but he truly picked out the most perfect ring for me. It is so beautiful and to this day I can’t help but look at my ring and think about how beautiful it is.

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Looking back at our pictures is so funny because you can see the huge ring box in Adam’s pocket! I can’t believe I missed it. But the day was perfect and I was so surprised.

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Now we are just about two months away from being husband and wife. I can hardly believe that we started 2015 as boyfriend and girlfriend and that we are ending the year married!

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