Erika and Vince

How we met: We met over four years ago at a “fam jam” as our families knew each other. Thanks Mom and Dads! Since then, we have grown together in all aspects of our young adult lives. Whether it had been our University graduations, starting our careers and entrepreneurship, building new ambitions and burning old ones; we have been to war for each other (and sometimes with each other <3), to develop the best loving relationship we can. The funny thing with this engagement is that we haven’t even scratched the surface of what life will now bring to us – except for wedding planning! But regardless, “we got dis yo” Haha – Vince.

how they asked: Vince and Erika planned their 4 year anniversary lunch at the Ritz-Carlton hotel. Weeks prior to the celebratory lunch, Vince recruited the help of his and Erika’s closest friends to plan and share this once in a lifetime moment with them. The surprise proposal was held at Vince’s house and was decorated into what he believed Erika would love, appreciate and never forget. Thank you to all of those that helped create this special moment for us – Adriana, Benjamin, Christopher Wallace, Colas, Eric, Hong-Li, Jason, Kelvin, Mia, Riko, Steven, Tita Cora and our parents.

She said yesShe said yes!

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