Erika and Kevin

how they asked

It was the day after I had just graduated from Pharmacy School and received my PharmD. The day before, we had my family over our place in Baltimore to celebrate my graduation. Towards the evening of graduation, my best friends from home had come from NYC and New Orleans to surprise me for my graduation. At this point, I was already emotional from graduating after 4 tough years, celebrating with my family, and the surprise from my best friends. The next morning, Kevin had mentioned he wanted to take me somewhere to show me my graduation gift but we had to walk to get tovot Initially, I didn’t want to go see it that very morning since I had friends and my sister over for the weekend and I wanted to spend time with them.

But I eventually got dressed and went with Kevin. We got to the Fell’s Point Pier and Kevin turns around towards me and starts saying how proud he was of me for accomplishing and receiving my Doctorate in Pharmacy and how much he loves me and wants us to stay together forever. I started to tear up, naturally, until he said “I have brunch waiting for us at Barcocina so let’s go eat and enjoy it together.” Barcocina is my favorite Brunch spot in Baltimore so I was definitely happy about that but I was confused because he started to walk towards the restaurant. As he was walking, he abruptly stopped and said “Oh, I forgot something.” He took out a ring and got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. All of a sudden I heard loud cheering from the restaurant behind us and turned around and started to cry.

Image 1 of Erika May and Kevin

Image 2 of Erika May and Kevin

There was even a tugboat on the water who saw the whole thing and started to tug his horn. I said yes of course and was so overwhelmed that I didn’t notice people walking towards us. It was everyone that I love!! His family came down from NJ to witness it, my best friends from NYC, my family from NJ, all of my college best friends from all over the East Coast, and my closest pharmacy school friends.

Image 3 of Erika May and Kevin

Image 4 of Erika May and Kevin

They all witnessed it and were actually the ones cheering behind us!! I couldn’t handle the surprise and was so overwhelmed. It was magical and perfect. Since I was starting my pharmacy residency in Cleveland and he was moving to LA for his MBA, it was the perfect end to our wonderful life in Baltimore.

Image 5 of Erika May and Kevin