Erika and Trumaine

How We Met

The story is incredibly anticlimactic! Trumaine and I met in September 2013 at a bar in Scottsdale, Arizona. After exchanging number and texting for several weeks we went on our first day to Frank & Lupe’s, my favorite restaurant in Old Town Scottsdale, and the rest is history!

how they asked

My best friend and I co-own Bloom & Blueprint Event Company in Scottsdale, Arizona. I am our lead planner and spend much of my time coordinating and organizing details for other people’s special day. On March 12, 2016 we had a destination couple visiting from Pittsburgh and I had lined up a full day of venue tours at beautiful locations in the Scottsdale /Paradise Valley area. My favorite venue in town is the El Chorro Lodge in Paradise Valley, and we had scheduled to visit that venue at noon. Two weeks prior to our appointment, the venue coordinator Lindsey contacted me to ask if we could push our appointment later in the day as something had come up and I agreed without thinking twice. When the day arrived I was in full planning mode for our clients wedding; taking notes and asking logistics questions with my planning binder in hand. Lindsey mentioned El Chorro was repurposing an area of the grounds into an intimate ceremony location and asked if we wanted to take a look at the Herb Garden. I was ushered through the gates into a small garden area in the back of the property and immediately locked eyes with my mother. As you can guess I was very confused about why she was there, and immediately started to question what was going on! It look a moment but I finally realized both of our parents and siblings were also there! From the corner of the garden Trumaine walked in front of me and got down on one knee and asked me to be his wife and I, of course, said yes! After champagne was popped and tons of photos taken, we met 20 of our family members and close friends for an engagement dinner at my favorite restaurant and the location of our first date! It meant so much to me that he included so many people in the process that mean so much to us! I was truly shocked because I was in my planning element all day for a client AND because for two years he has firmly said he was going to propose in 2018; hence the 2016 balloons! The original 0 flew away while they were waiting :)

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Special Thanks

Lindsey Rendon
 | Venue Coordinator
Kate Mellow
 | Wedding Planner/Business Partner