Erika and Terrence

How We Met

Funny story.. we actually met on the Tinder app!! ????????Long story short, we started conversing on the app for a few weeks.. and on this particular app, you can see how far away the person is located from you. We instantly connected on Tinder and I only kept the app because of him, since He didn’t ask me for my number yet. ????????So one day, I was walking my puppy Rylee in my apartment complex, SUPER EARLY in the morning, with my ugly pjs on… a bonnet.. the whole nine yards. Walked by a porch, literally behind my building.. and Terrence was sitting Right there on the first floor on his porch. We made awkward eye contact, because I was unsure if it was him so I said hi and walked right off. ????A few minutes later, I wrote him on tinder to ask if that was him on the porch and he asked “was that you walking your dog?” I went blood shot red from embarrassment because this was our first time seeing each other!!A few days later, we started hanging out.. and the rest was history!! ????

How They Asked

So it was a complete surprise!!! We went out to eat and it was for my “Auntie’s birthday” or so I thought.. We had dinner and everything with all of our family there.. dessert came and they came towards Me with the hat and plate of dessert. I was telling them that they had the wrong person! Once I read the plate, “will you marry me?” Was written in chocolate sauce ! ???????? I just looked at Terrence and asked “for real?!?” And he whipped out a black box with a BEAUTIFUL Ring, just GLISTENING!!! My family and friends going crazy, video taping, I’m cheering from it FINALLY happening!! It was everything I wanted it to be and more!!!!


Special Thanks