Erika and Steve

How We Met: We met when one of my friends (a mutual friend of ours) asked Steve if we could borrow some of his surf boards and have him teach us how to surf. We showed up eager and my life has been better ever since. I didn’t learn how to surf that day, but I learned how to love more.

Image 3 of Erika and Steve

how they asked: Steve had asked me to help him compile a list of our favorite dates. After a few months, we had come up with the following ideas:

1. First kiss under an oak tree

2. Dancing to live music

3. Romantic Dinners

4. Stargazing and learning constellations

5. Attending high school events/athletics (He’s a teacher)

I was flying home to Miami for a friend’s graduation party on a Saturday in December. I had asked Steve to go months ago, but he insisted that he couldn’t get out of work. I was going out for lunch with a friend and her mom at a deli style restaurant the Friday before the party. While standning in line I felt a mans hands on my shoulders and a hug from behind. I froze and totally spazzed, but as I turned around I reallized Steve had flown in and made plans with my friend to meet up with us. We left to hav lunch together since I would see my friend the next day. He took me to lunch at a favorite place of mine that we have never been together and we went back to my mother’s house to get settled in and ready for dinner.

In just a few hours, we got ready for dinner at our favorite romantic restaurant (Chef Adrianne’s). Dinner was delicious and the mood was romantic as it always is there. During dinner he gave me a ring box with an antique setting in it with no center stone. He explained that it was his grandmother’s ring and apologized he didn’t have the center stone with it. After dinner, we kissed under an oak tree outsie of the restauant. He then drove me to my old high school and we sat on the bleechers remeniscing of all of the good times we have had at events and how I used to cheer there.

I had already caught on that he was going through our list.

He then suggested we stargaze, but since it was cloudy we would have to use an app to see the stars/constellations. Steve turned on an app and we began to look at the stars. We turned on the constellations and when pegasus was on the screen, he asked me to push the heart button to save it in his favorites. When I did, the constellation rearranged to say “Erika Marry Me”.

Image 1 of Erika and Steve

When I turned to him, he was on his knee and said he couldn’t live without me and proposed. After crying and accepting, we started back to the car where one of our favorite songs was playing so we danced to it as the rain started. That was the last thing on the list. I couldn’t wait to tell my family and friends! He took me to a CVS to get my make-up cleaned up because he said my mom would surely want some pictures. He was right….when we got to her house, there wasn’t a place to park! Steve had all of my friends and family there for a surprise engagement party. It was such a beautiful night.

Image 2 of Erika and Steve