Erika and Ryan

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How We Met

It all started in our group chat! We met in college about 7 years ago but to everyone’s surprise it was not love at first site. Ryan and I were great friends during my first few years of college, ALWAYS laughing, joking around and being there for one another. It wasn’t until my junior year that the flame was ignited. Among our friends, Ryan has always been known to be the “jokester, funny guy, semi-serious” type of kid, and I will add; STILL IS. It was January of 2013 when Ryan started hinting in our group chat that he had bought tickets for the New York Rangers game on Valentine’s day, and his guest….would be me!? No way, this can’t be happening, he is totally kidding around.

I let the idea of going out on a date with Ryan subside for a few weeks UNTIL that one day that he sent a side text. My heart stopped, and I really couldn’t believe what was happening. “OG” was asking me to attend the New York Rangers vs. The Islanders on Valentine’s day, 7th row back behind the net…HOW DOES A GIRL SAY NO?.. Exactly, I didn’t! Nothing could stop my nerves, the butterflies in my belly, and the awkwardness that comes over me when presented with a once in a lifetime opportunity. This day was truly my once in a lifetime opportunity. I could have easily said no, I could have made any excuse, but for some reason I thought to myself give it a shot. Truth is, I’ve always had an eye on Ryan.

how they asked

Fast forward almost 4 years of dating to December 2016 when we spent the Holiday’s in Norway, with 30 of my closest family members. This trip was amazing, not only the site seeing, spending time with family, but really allowed Ryan and I to step away from our daily “work, eat, sleep” routine and get to focus on each other. I would soon find out, our trip to Norway, was Ryan’s final decision maker for making me his, MRS. We landed back in the stated on January 1st, and the planning began January 2nd; the planning for Ryan’s surprise birthday party that I wanted to have for him on January 27th. That entire month, I spent my time texting his family, closest friends all while balancing my thoughts not to slip to him what was going on. The day was finally here (it felt like forever), Ryan and I headed out for a late lunch that afternoon, followed by some shopping only to return back to his house that was packed with about 60 people that were there to surprise him, “HAPPY BIRTHDAY”!

Well this day didn’t end with a happy birthday…. During the entire month of January, Ryan was planning our engagement. He had his mom initiate the thought of planning a surprise party to me, all while he was secretly planning how he would propose. I still am in shock thinking about the story. Ryan’s grandmother left him the most beautiful diamond that he took to the jeweler to find a perfect setting for it. Clueless you may think he was? He was. Ryan not only sat with the jewelers for hours picking out the perfect setting but even created a fake Pinterest account to be able to check out my “Wedding Board”. I knew Ryan was the one for me, our very first date. The most genuine, patient, loving man I have ever met besides my father.

That’s exactly who Ryan reminds me of, my dad, and I would never in a million years change that. From day one, I have always expressed my desire to get engaged surrounded by my family and friends, which he would ask my father for permission first, and that’s exactly what Ryan did. While I thought I was planning his surprise birthday party, he had everyone on his side, planning to ask me to spend the rest of his life with him. His dad started it off, as he usually does, with a speech filled with humor wishing Ryan the happiest of birthday. Then the mood in the room changed. Ryan started to speak, very nervous and cracking jokes as usual. It was THEN that I knew something was up and before I could process what was going on, Ryan had turned to me, stated his love for and the NYG Football team and got down on one knee.

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I could have sworn I would be prepared for this moment! But I was not.

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Without any hesitation, I said YES to my very best friend, the guy that will now FOREVER be my ALWAYS.

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