Erika and Rich's Dessert Proposal

How We Met: Rich and I met in 2004, when I spotted him in the dance studio lobby watching his niece take dance class. I was 15 at the time, and her assistant dance teacher. As fate would have it, we actually ended up going to the same high school, and formally met during our lunch period, him asking me “Are you Katerina’s dance teacher?”. Fast forward a few months, and he asked me to be his girlfriend December 25, 2004. 1185607_10154004501670019_1116173222_n 1526433_10153956587755019_880375229_n 1929911_43714610018_4793_n

how they asked: On Saturday April 25, 2015 I randomly got a text from Rich while I was at the gym saying “Dinner at the Palm tonight?”. The Palm is our favorite restaurant and our “go to” spot for anniversaries, holidays, date nights, etc. Since we hadn’t seen much of each other that week because of work, I figured this was his way of making it up to me. I thought nothing of a proposal because of such short notice he gave me for dinner, plus, we had plans that night to go out to celebrate our friend’s new job… PLUS he never dropped hints, etc. So I agreed to dinner, and he picked me up at 6pm. I asked why we were going to dinner so early, and he lied saying that’s the only availability they had. While at dinner, things seemed normal. Nothing was out of the ordinary. When we finished our meal, the waitress asked if I would like dessert, and since I ALWAYS get the key lime pie, Rich said yea bring her key lime pie. I told him no I didn’t want dessert, and politely told the waitress I just wanted a cappuccino. While we were waiting, he asked me over and over why I wasn’t getting the pie, which was strange. Then, out of no where, the waitress appears holding a huge plate of dessert and says “I know you didn’t want dessert, but we want to give this to you anyway”. She placed the plate in front of me, and the plate read “Will You Marry Me?”. I looked up, and Rich was on his knee.

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Restaurant: The Palm Tribeca