Erika and Philip

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How We Met

Phil’s story: In the middle of June 2015, I was going through a bit of transition in my life. I just quit a job to take on a new opportunity. I was contemplating moving cities to be closer to my work. I was trying to figure things out for myself, at a time where I honestly did feel lost. Then my brother decided to take me out to Dave & Busters to celebrate my new job. He invited a friend, and that friend brought Erika. The first time I saw her, she was sitting outside of Dave & Busters, soaking in the sun and laughing with her friend. I parked my car, sprayed a bit of cologne and went to introduce myself. The next few hours were easily the most fun I had had in months. Conversation about passion and play, arcade games, and a little time getting to know one another as we strolled through the compound. It was simple, ordinary. But it was exciting at the same time. And as cliché as it sounds – we hit it off. That night, we hung out again.. And then the next day. And then a few more days that week. Everything started clicking, and we couldn’t deny that God was working in our relationship. We both made the other smile again. And it wasn’t long before we were in love.

how they asked

On April 21st, I hopped on a plane to Calgary for my friend’s birthday. My expectation was to go on this girl’s trip, and spend long overdue time with friends while exploring Calgary and Banff. Little did I know, Phil, with the help of my girlfriends, planned out how his proposal would unfold. I later learned that Phil flew into Calgary on the 23rd, planned to propose to me on the morning of the 24th, and was to fly back to Toronto that very evening – he’s crazy, I know.

My friends and I arrived at Lake Louise at 9am on the rainy and foggy Sunday (apparently, right on schedule). My friend living in Calgary had been to this lake multiple times before and told us she wanted our first glimpse of the lake to be from the best spot possible. So my other two friends and I walked along the side of the lake with our heads down and umbrellas blocking the view of the lake. It turns out that this “best spot possible” was the spot Phil showed them of where he wanted to go down on one knee. And blocking our view of the lake until reaching that spot was to avoid me possibly spotting him. So we got to this spot and finally see the lake; I was stunned with its beauty – rain, fog, ice, and all. And I was amazed at how deserted this tourist hot spot was – we had the place to ourselves. My friends became eager to start taking solo photos of us facing the lake. I took the first solo photo of one of my friends, and then I took the second, and then I took the third. I was the last to have my photo taken. So I walk towards the lake and just stare, astonished by the splendor of God’s work. I hear my friend about to take the photo: “1.. 2.. 3..” And then in my periphery, I see a figure stand to my right, and all I can think is: “why the heck did this guy decide to stand right next to me when he should know my friend is trying to get a good photo of me?!” So I decided to wait until he would leave, but then I heard him say, “It’s beautiful out there.” I turned my head and right when I saw his face, I was overwhelmed with shock and elation. I could not believe my eyes – so much so, that it literally felt like I was dreaming. In my mind, he was supposed to be in Toronto at the gym with a friend. I turned to my friends and I see them smiling with their cameras out. I was instantly flooded with tears when my brain registered what was about to happen. I was in front of one of the most beautiful sites in the world, surprised by the most wonderful man, about to say yes to being his fiancée – it was all too much to take in at once. He spoke words of answered prayers and love – a life changing story where he believed I was the single embodiment of all of his answered prayers. How could I say no?

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